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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 17/7/05

Bomber Pilot Review

Developer: HandyGames


Game Features


Nice graphics
Easy to pick up


Gets a little monotonous
Challenging difficulty level

Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 21/7/05

Take to the skies in this 2D blast em up.

I always wanted to be a pilot and even though I'm afraid of heights, after watching Top Gun, clocking the original 1970's Star Wars trench arcade game and then finishing Thunderhawk and other flying games think I missed my calling.

Bomber pilot lets you take control of a WW1 bi-plane and blow the crap out of enemy targets.

The graphics are quite nice as the plane looks cool and the viewpoint has a unique side scrolling angle. This allows the game to feel like it has height and therefore you can dive or climb in your plane. There are several colours making the planes look nice although the backgrounds and targets do get a bit bland and monotonous.

The sound is ok, not much to speak of. A funky few chords as the game loads up in that inimitable Handy games style (check out the Townsmen series to see what I mean) and a few variations on these when you finish each level or when you die. No sound effects in game which was disappointing, I was hoping for some machine gun sounds or airplane swooping.

Controls are simple, use up and down to control the height of your plane and left and right to fly. 5 will drop bombs. You can use the D or key pad and I think that either one is very easy to pick up and remember.

The playability is average. The game is fun to play to begin with and when you get to the later levels you have enemy planes, but it's quite hard and can get a little monotonous. You have to fly your plane at different altitudes so you don't get hit by enemy fire or planes and you don't fly into mountains. There is a health bar and you also have 3 lives to begin with. You can vary your height and of course the lower you are the more quickly you can drop bombs, however you have to avoid more obstacles through some daredevil flying. I say daredevil as you can only change height and bank left or right, you can't perform any cool manoeuvers like barrel rolls or loop the loops. I think some more variety would have definitely helped.

The lastability is ok, the game is actually fairly challenging if you like this sort of thing. The limited number of lives and continues means that you have to get good and get to know the courses and positions of the targets especially if you want to beat that high score. Still, the game didn't grab me and the fact that it was tough didn't help. Fun to play initially though. Not a bad idea or attempt, just not my thing.