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Genre: Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 12/7/05

Bomberman Kart Review

Publisher: Living Mobile :: Developer: Hudson Soft, Living Mobile


Game Features


Excellent gameplay


Weird special effect
Awkward controls

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 26/7/05

Watch out Mario, Bomberman has carjacked your Kart.

There have been quite a few Super Mario Kart inspired games, namely Crash Nitro Kart and Popeye Kart Racing. Bomberman has jumped out of his pram and straight into a kart to join in the melee.

I??ll start with the positives, the gameplay is very good. There are plenty of tracks, vehicles and tournaments to choose from. There are also various difficulty levels and the game is well suited to both beginners and hardcore gamers alike.

The controls are quite good, as you would expect left and right on the D-pad move your kart left and right. The kart is on auto-accelerate and pressing down decelerates the kart. You also have a tank of nitro at your disposal (use it for the straights) which is activated/deactivated by pushing up. So far so good, however, you can also press the left soft key to jump and press fire/5 to use your special item. All in all there are a lot of buttons that come into play and it can be tough moving your fingers around the key pad.

My tactic was to use the joystick for left/right and press 8 to brake (which you have to quite a bit). It then gets a bit tricky to press jump, while slowing down and trying to turn left. Configurable controls would have been excellent but with skilful driving the poor controls can be overcome.

There are 6 courses in total, spread over 3 different tournaments. Each course comprises a multitude of laps and it wont be long before you start to remember the track layouts. Each track will have some ramps to jump and a few icons which, if driven over, will give you a quick boost. The course also has a few obstacles which you should either avoid or jump. Just to make things a little tricky, the edges of the track are covered with barriers. Once you hit one of these, it will take you ages to get back on course. To add to the fun, there are special items to be collected. These range from homing missiles to bouncing bombs. After you have driven through a ? box press 5 to randomly select your item and then press 5 to use it.

Unfortunately, one of the poorer aspects to Bomberman Kart is one of the most important ?? the graphics. I??m not sure what went wrong here, usually the graphics are great from Living Mobile. Its not that the graphics are bland or lacking in colour it just seems wrong like a bad episode of Changing Rooms. I found the text font hard to ready and the nitro effects where a bit over the top. This was my first impression, after some game time the graphics become a minor irritation and you will get used to it.

Even with its ??defects?? I do still find myself having a quick go now and again ?? the gameplay really is that good.