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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 03/8/05

3D Golden Warrior Review

Developer: Blue Sphere


Game Features


3D graphics


Awkward and unresponsive controls
You can only save and quit and once you die you have to start from the beginning again

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 04/8/05

A first person action game in the mould of the classics like Doom and Dungeon Master, you play the part of a young warrior exploring the Caverns of Doom!

3D GW is one of the few first person adventure games for the mobile market but as the market gets bigger and phones get better, I??m sure there will be more of these types of games springing up. I remember having a grand old time clocking the original Dungeon Master on ST but sadly, this doesn't really compare.

The graphics are not bad, and although they look a little blocky, in terms of phone capabilities, the developers have done a good job. The sprites are large, as you would expect from first person games, and there is some attempt at detail. Not enough that would have you swooning over the quality and animation, but enough that you appreciate them. The animation is somewhat jerky and on the whole you don??t get a good feel for movement. Response can be a bit on the slow side and this often means the game is tricky, especially when it comes to firing your crossbow or lunging with your sword.

Sound wise there is not much at all, you have the option of turning sound off or on. There is no intro tune or background music in the game, what you do get are a few paltry sound effects of doors creaking and scrolls rustling when you read them. I guess all the effort went into the graphics.

The controls are quite extensive and there is a lot to remember and learn. You can move around and control the main character via the D or key pad. 7 and 9 will sidestep and 0 will jump. Press it to jump straight up and hold it to do a long jump forwards. * and # will look up and down respectively (and can be used for aiming the crossbow). Speaking of which, you select the crossbow with 1 (and aim as I have mentioned) and have to hold down 1 to cock it and release it. 2 will stab with your sword and 3 will slash or read scrolls. The main button or 5 does the same thing. Doors are opened automatically by walking into them. One area this game falls down in is the controls. As you can see, there are a lot of them and they really aren't very responsive. The slashing takes a while so you may well take some damage before you hit something. The jumping only works when you are able to jump, ie if you are facing a wall at an angle slightly, you may not be able to jump (although if there is space you can clearly jump diagonally). Lastly the turning is not that fast so I found myself getting a little frustrated with the controls.

The playability is average. The object of the game is to find the Golden Armour in the Caverns of Doom and fight the evil Plumbeus. Whoever that is. I never got to meet him unfortunately. The game involves the player moving around the rooms in typical first person style, looking for keys to unlock rooms and treasure to improve your score. There are 3 types of enemies, skeletons which really aren't a worry, bats which can be annoying and ghosts which are a real pain. In addition in certain rooms you have to jump over lava and in others you just have to make it across as quick as possible. Sounds engaging, but for some reason it's not. The main issues are the controls and the responsiveness. This coupled with the fact that you can only save and quit and there are no continues means that there is vast room for improvement.

I had to play the game several times and become familiar with a lot of rooms before I mananged to clock it on the peasant level. This took me about half an hour and there are three levels to try. There are areas where you can take a wrong jump or get caught fighting a damn bat and your health will go. The health ups (potions or fountains) are few and far between and if you die, that's it, you have to start all the way from the beginning again. You can't reload where you left off and even in the game you can only quit after saving you if you make a mistake then it's back to the drawing board. The layout can be a little confusing (even though you are supposed to be in caverns) and there are a number of rooms. What's even more confusing is once you get a key, the door which had a lock on it, magically becomes open and because you don't have to actually use the key (just collect it) this can be a bit confusing as to where you have been already.

Overall, this was ok to play for a while and I did manage to complete it but only after playing the game a number of times and getting familiar with the layout. If the next two levels offered more health ups and an actual ending then it might be worthwhile replaying them but if they aren't you should only get this if you are a real fan of the genre. As I said above, much could have been improved.