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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Monopoly Review

Publisher: Ifone :: Developer: Atari


Game Features


Very addictive
No arguing over the rules
Good AI for opponents


No bluetooth/network play
Sound automatically on, even for saved games
Lacking a few fancy animations/cut scenes

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Review Details
Handset Motorola V525

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 28/9/04

One of the best games I've played on a mobile. I would never have thought the transition from board game to mobile game would work so brilliantly!

Monopoly was preloaded when I upgraded to my new mobile. It's a good job as I wouldn't have bought the game and that would have been a big shame.

Everything is as you would expect, the board, the pieces and the rules are all the same as the board game. The added advantage/disadvantage is there is no arguing over the rules.

Basically, if you land on an unowned property and decide not to buy it, the property goes up for auction (although you are still able to bid if you wish). Roll a double and play again, however three doubles in a row and its off to jail. All fines go straight to the bank and free parking is just that. Mortgaged properties cost 10% to unmortgage. That's the basics over and done with, how's the game??

Graphics are basic but then its only a board game. Gameplay is very good. Moving around the board and buying properties is very straight forward. Its very easy to get an overview and see who owns what and how much cash they have.

You can choose to play up to 8 players on the same handset. Obviously if you dont have 7 friends to play with then the computer will play with you. Although I think with 1-2 computer players give a good flow to the game.

The game allows you to trade properties to help you get that final property for your set. Houses/hotels can be built at a click of a button.

There are three games you choose to play:

Standard - Keep playing until there is only one player left that's not bankrupt.

Quick - The game ends when a second player is bankrupt. Total worth is then calculated to declare a winner.

Timed - User defined time limited game. As with the quick game, total worth is calculated to determine winner.

All in all a very addictive game that will keep your attention for weeks.