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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 21/8/05

War Diary: Burma Review

Developer: Rovio


Game Features


Nice graphics
Game takes a while to complete


Slightly monotonous gameplay
It takes a while to walk anywhere
Battles are too simplistic

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 21/8/05

A decent if slightly monotonous war game for your phone.

This is a game set in WW2. You have control over allied troops as you try and prevent the Japanese invasion of India.

The graphics are average, the menu background and loading pics between the chapters are quite nice. In game the pics and graphics of the troops and fairly small yet contain some good details. The game background (there is only one) has been well rendered but you do get used to it pretty quickly. Nothing major to get excited about on this front.

The sound is once again very good. This is becoming a trademark of Rovio games, the tune is very nicely done and gives a good feel to the game. When you get into a battle a more animated tune plays and a little victory tune when you win. There are no sound effects as such but the quality of the music adds a lot of atmosphere to the game and Rovio games are one of the few developers to realise this.

The controls are really simple. Use the key or D pad to navigate through menus and the shoulder buttons for other selection. When picking your troops use left and right to select numbers. In game move around using the D or key pad as well. # will bring up cross hairs for an airstrike and the main button or 5 will call the planes. * will repeat your mission orders. In the battles themselves, press right to attack and left to defend. There's a compass in the bottom right hand corner directing you and the white dot turns red when you are near your target. You should pick the controls up in no time.

The playability is good, although a little one dimensional. There are two modes, career mode and combat patrol. Career mode has a series of missions and a kind of progressing timeline and combat patrol involves roaming around and fighting! The game is set in WW2 and you play as the allied forces trying to prevent the Japanese from taking part of India. The characters you play as have English flags over them and the ??enemy?? has Japanese flags. I wonder how this game would do in Japan as you can??t select which side you use! The missions vary in objective, sometimes you have to rescue people, sometimes get plans or take pictures and sometimes you have to capture and hold positions. The problem I had is that the basic gameplay never changes. In all the missions, you have to get somewhere and fight. And the fighting isn??t that tactical. You do get a choice of troops to start but as long as you pick decent numbers of riflemen and a few anti tank guys you should always win the battles. There is no defending involved really and during the battles, just keep pressing right and you??ll win if you have greater troop numbers. This can get a little monotonous after a while. The air strikes make it a bit too easy as well as you can take out larger troop units very easily. In all the missions you have to just roam around using the compass to get where you need to go to, maybe engage some troops and then head back to base. Also, the game is set over one very large background map which never changes. The walking around to your mission objective can take a long time as the troops move pretty slowly. This can get a little annoying and any enemy patrols you run into in the jungle hold little challenge. There are a lot of missions to do but the gameplay was just lacking that certain something for me.

The lastability is quite good as there are a lot of missions. The career mode takes you through three chapters and you can pick up medals and increase your rank along the way. When you have finished the game, you can choose combat patrol if you want to just wander around and pick fights. Once you have finished career mode you can reset the data and play it again. The game is fairly easy to complete and I played it through in a few days. The missions do take a while, sometimes 10 minutes or so to complete so if you love war games give this a look, but there??s not a whole lot of gameplay there.