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Genre: Football, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 28/5/05

2005 Real Football Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Great graphics
Lots modes and teams
Manager options and goal replays


Controls can be difficult to master depending on which handset you use
No real sound in game

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 22/8/05

With the phone limitations of the previous review we thought it was about time for an update on a decent footie sim.

The other review of 2005 Real football was on our GX20 handset. With the obvious limitations of the game we felt it was worth replaying the title on a handset with much better capabilities, hence we managed to grab a copy for the Nokia 6680.

The graphics are pretty similar, nice large sprites and a decent sized pitch. There is a little more detail on the graphics on the 6680 and the players have a bit of colour to them. The pitch itself has a few patches of dirt and has a realistic quality about it. Definitely one of the stronger features of the game.

The sound is about as non existent as on the GX20. Same loading tune but no in game sounds apart from the whistle and tones when you score. Definitely room for improvement in this department.

The controls are my biggest sticking point on the game. With the GX20 the D pad is positioned so that it's fairly separate to the keys. The keys themselves are pretty large and so while the controls are tricky to get used to because of the diagonal point of view, on the 6680 there are a whole heap of additional problems. The D pad is very close to the keys and so not that easy to use. Unfortunately the keys on the 6680 are not that big and so fluid movement using the key pad is a fair mission in itself. This isn't the fault of the developers, rather the handset manufacturers. The control buttons themselves are numerous but you do get the hang of them after a while.

The difficulty in control means that the gameplay is quite tough. There are several levels of difficulty and several modes, league, cup, exhibition etc. There are tons of teams from world teams to a selection of your favourite club teams. And there are management options in this version as well, you can change the team formation, positions and also the attack and defence levels. One drawback with the attack and defence levels is that there are only 5 settings they can be on and you can't change the percentages individually. Another improvement is that the squads only contain one full team and no subs so while you can swap players around in their positions you can't substitute team players. Therefore, in my case, Carragher and Hyypia will have to play the entire season in defence! There are also other little touches which the GX20 version never had, such as controlling a streaker on the pitch to run around and touch the players (what's all that about, a naked man touching players, sounds a bit dodgy to me) and the more players you touch the more the crowd will enjoy it and boost your team's morale. Also, there is a final element where in the post match press conference you have to pick your man of the match and if it matches the AI result you will get additional team morale points. This is a bit of a coin toss really as the AI doesn't seem to have a clue as to what makes up the man of the match award. There's a whole lot more options than the GX20 version and I you can finally see in this version that the little bar at the bottom is an aim bar and you have to press while the pointer is in the area of the bar (which decreases the longer you take) then the accuracy of the pass, cross, shot will be much better.

The lastability is excellent as with the controls the way they are, even on easy the game is pretty hard and there are three levels! There are so many modes to play and trophies to win that on the 6680 this is a game which deserves to stay on your phone for a while until you practice and get to the point where you can have great matches with the AI.

The heaps of modes, number of teams and management options (including the streaker and press conference) gives this a gold award. If the sound and controls were great this would have got an ice cold.

To read our original review of the game on the GX20 click here.