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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 07/8/05

Banjo & Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge Review

Developer: In-Fusio


Game Features


Fun and bright graphics
Lots of areas to explore
Cool special moves and funny characters


Lots of text in the intro
Easy to get lost in large areas

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 24/8/05

The mobile version of the GBA classic, a large and fun to play action game.

I never really played the GBA version of Banjo and Kazooie so I have nothing to compare this game to. It is however, fun to play and very colourful.

The graphics are quite nice, very cartoony and very bright. Colour is a big thing in this game and the different environments have basic bright colours of green, red, yellow etc to give this game an eye catching feel. The characters are quite comical and the animation is smooth. The main character, Banjo, is a comical bear of some kind and Kazooie a rooster looking thing. Banjo is the character you control and his special moves look funny and are crisply animated. The backgrounds don't have a whole lot of detail but are colourful enough to keep you entertained.

The sound is pretty good. There is a tune which loads and plays in the game, however on the 6680 this kept cutting out whenever I attempted a special move or started to collect musical notes. There are plenty of sound effects when you are collecting notes or performing moves and the main tune will come back on whenever you move across the screen. The music has a fun feel to it and definitely suits and enhances the mood of the game.

The controls are simple, use the D or key pad to move around. The main button or 5 will jump and * will perform your special moves. The controls are very easy to use and pick up, you should have no trouble at all.

The gameplay is good. This is a solid action game in the Mario or Zelda mould where you move around various worlds collecting items and trying to find your friend Kazooie. The worlds become unlocked when you have collected enough pieces of a jigsaw. Also, if you collect enough of these little creature things on each level you can go and see their statues and get extra moves given to you. The basic premise is that you have to wander around several different areas collecting these little creatures, musical notes and pieces of a jigsaw. You can tell how much you have of each item by pausing the game and going to the totals option. One drawback with the game is that the amount of text when you begin is pretty large and as there are only 2 lines of text viewable when you are starting, all the history and backdrop to the game gets to be a little monotonous. Also, the areas are actually very very large and so it's easy to get lost and have no idea where you are. You can wander around and find things but coming back and finding them again is tricky. The game itself is fun to play, the special moves you learn are cool and the characters are quite wacky themselves. Pretty solid but a little spoiled because of the drawbacks mentioned above.

The lastability is very good as the game is so large. The areas to explore are numerous and just when you think that's it, you stumble onto a new area you haven't seen yet. A map would have been great but there is a save option and there are also highscores.

If you like well made action titles with comical main characters and aren't put off by large amounts of text and even larger playing areas, this games definitely for you.