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Genre: Beat em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/8/05

Apache Warrior Review

Developer: HandyGames


Game Features


Fast gameplay
Long levels


Not a great deal of depth

Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 30/8/05

Quite a cool beat 'em up with very long levels

Apache Warrior harks back to the days of Final Fight and Hagar. It's a side scrolling beat em up where you have a fair bit of freedom on the screen.

There is supposed to be a plot but as far as I can make out all you have to do is go around and punch anything that moves. That said, it is still annoyingly addictive. The difficulty curve is perfect, the game starts of with only a few villains at a time who only take one punch to floor but before you know it you are taking five of the gits at a time and each battle is a mini marathon.

The graphics are ok, not a great deal to speak of apart from the hilarious walking action of your man - looks like a proper Essex Boy in fancy dress. You will encounter plenty of different villains, even Native Americans (I'm so PC). One cool part is the bottom left/right corners. Here you have a little graphic of yourself and the guy you are currently fighting. As its only a mobile phone, it would be a serious drain on resources to have energy bars floating around everybody's head. Handy Games have got round this by only displaying the bar of the actual character's involved in the fight. The little graphic also helps you ensure you are facing the right way when you get clocked.

Use the D-pad to move around, 1 and 3 jump and 5 is attack. The attack button will either punch or kick at random. It seems that if you attack from afar you tend to knock the opponent away (handy if you are about to get swamped). If you let them come close, then you can pummel then to the ground (beware anyone sneaking up behind you though). Overall the controls are pretty good. Jumping over open pits takes a little practice but even then I found myself falling in them purely by accident. Admittedly it is only a mobile but I would have appreciated some more attacks or the ability to throw rocks or bar-stools. To e fair, rifles can be picked up from the defeated and used against their friends so there is some variation there. Remember that your rifle can be holstered by pressing 7.

In each of the four levels (yes only four but they are long!!) there are a number of secret passages. They're not that secret as they are indicated by big flashing posts. The fights in here can be a little bit trickier but there are always plenty of life-ups and health bonuses to collect. Extra lives are gained by collecting 10 gold bars - you should expect to gain a couple of lives per secret area.

The sound is not great and was more of hindrance. On the Nokia at least, it did cause a bit of slow down. This is really its only down-point, other than that it is a solid game.