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Genre: Pool/Snooker :: Players: 2 :: Released: 29/9/05

3D Pool Urban Hustle Review

Publisher: I-Play :: Developer: Distinctive Developments


Game Features


3D video replays of any shot!


Sound is still poor
Difficulty level may be too high for some

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Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 03/10/05

An improved update of 3D Pool, this time with video replays!

3D Pool was first brought to us by I-Play over a year ago. This was before 3D games were swarming the market. With the amount of 3D compatible handsets now in the market the time is right for them to bring us their sequel in the form of 3D Pool Urban Hustle.

What have they done to improve on an already great game? Luckily they haven't messed about with the graphics, controls and the basic gameplay; these were excellent a year ago and they still are. You can still play the game in any of its three views (a 2D view from above the table and a couple of 3D ones viewed from behind the cue ball). Admittedly, the 2D view will get a lot of use but the 3D views do help to fine tune your shots. In order to maximise on their 3D engine they have added video replays. After every shot, you can choose to view your shot in 3D from behind any pocket and it's just like watching it on TV.

This feature will make you instantly fall in love with the game. I couldn't help watching the replays for every shot when I first started playing. While the novelty does wear off after a while, it is always handy when you to show your trick shots to your mates.

They have made the single player game much more playable. There are three cities to play in, each with their own version of pool. Each city has 10 levels to complete split up into 4 ranks. The levels contain a mixture of trick shot challenges together with matches against CPU opponents. The trick shots vary from the ridiculously easy to the very hard. It is all good fun and you can easily restart the challenge if things go wrong.

When you play the actual match you can choose how much to gamble. You can only unlock the next rank of levels once all the first levels have been completed for all the cities and you have won enough money. The learning curve through the matches and trick shots is better than before but it is still a difficult game. The only way to unlock all the levels is to be highly proficient in all the versions of pool. It will take you a while to beat all the opponents.

In case the tournament gets too much for you, I-Play have included a 2-player option and practice mode. There is also a 'quick-play' mode which will select a random match or trick shot challenge. This all adds up to a favourable lastability factor.

A criticism of the first game was the sound and unfortunately the sound is still pretty lame. There is the odd tune and the clack of the balls but nothing too special.

In all other areas, they have expanded and improved on the original. Single player mode now has some sort of plot and it is not just a long series of matches. Unlike its 2D competitors, Urban Hustle has stayed away from comic book graphics and has gone for a more grown-up approach. It's great for the purists but not really intended for the casual gamer.