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Genre: Tennis :: Players: 1 ::

Top Spin Tennis Review

Developer: Jamdat


Game Features


Very detailed controls allowing all kinds of shots with a great tutorial
A wealth of options and the ability to save progress
Very addictive gamplay


Large memory space required - 98K
The normal and hard levels are very challenging
Once you have won a tournament, this fact is not saved, although individual player statistics are.

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 12/10/04

Forget Wimbledon, this is all you need all year round. The game is very detailed and very playable. There are several tournaments and players to choose from. The controls are a little tricky at first but there's great depth to the game. Plus it is hard! Worthwhile for all tennis fans.

I am not a Henman fan. Or Rusedski for that matter. I prefer players with heart, passion and a will to win none of which are evident in the two players I mentioned above. I even preferred Barry Cowan or Lee Childs to the current favourites. But enough of my rant, let's get onto Top Spin Tennis.

The game is very well put together. Graphically it is great, the images of the players for selection are well captured, (what, no Henman!) and the in game graphics are great. The different surfaces are all there and the crowd and ball animations are really well done. There's not a lot of room to improve the graphics.

The sound is pretty good with decent sounds for the ball impacts, the serve and even a little tune while you are playing. You couldn't really ask for more.

The controls are fairly complex, but once you start to pick them up, then you can begin to put together some really nice shots. There is a power bar which you have to hit in the red centre area for a powerful accurate shot (by holding the button down). This is easy to do on the serves, but much less easier to do in game. However, if you do pull it off, you unleash a vicious return which is very satisfying to watch sail past your opponent. Sometimes, though, they are returned and the speed of your shot means the blocked return is not easy to get to. You can just opt to return without going for accurate power and this can lead to long and enjoyable rallies. All the shots you have seen are in there so it's pretty comprehensive. The three types of shot - drop, lob and normal - are all there and can be hit anywhere in the court. You can also volley if you time it well enough.

The playability is massive. There are lots of options to choose from, you can either have a quick start match, or play in an exhibition or tournament. The tournaments are all the 4 opens and they each have their own surfaces. There's a pretty comprehensive tutuorial and also a cool statistics option which details the win / loss numbers and percentages. The tournaments are pretty long but you can save your progress between rounds which is great. The gampeplay itself is really really good. As I mentioned above, it can be quite tricky but very rewarding when you get your shots in. The gamplay is reminiscent of Anna Kournikova's tennis on the PS1 which was highly addictive. The only thing I would mention though, it that on easy, the games are pretty easy, but on normal and hard, they are much more challenging.

The longevity is pretty impressive. With the range of tournaments, modes and players to choose from, the game will keep you entertained for a long time. The only drawback is that once you have won a tournament, it doesn't save that you have won it and who you won it with.

Overall this is the most comprehensive tennis game I have played on a phone and it wouldn't be out of place on the PS1. It has everything you can ask for, is very challenging and can keep you entertained for hours. Top class!