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Genre: Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/1/06

3D Rally Pro Contest Review

Developer: Synergenix


Game Features


Bluetooth multiplayer capability
Great graphics
Plenty of courses and cars to unlock


Courses can be a little hard
No sound effects in game

Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 27/2/06

A great looking and fun driving game which, as it's title suggests, is actually a challenge!

There have been some great driving games we have played lately so any new one trying to compete had better be good. Fortunately Rally Pro Challenge is.

The game is a driving game with off road tracks that you have to work your way through.

It looks excellent with the cars having a slightly larger look and feel to them as you would expect from rally cars. The detail on the cars is quite good and the courses themselves look great. Each course is quite different and the rendering really does give you the feel of off road driving. The backgrounds to the courses also look the business. Animation wise the cars are fast and the road twists and turns quite well. Graphically the package is excellent.

The sound is also not bad, but not as good as the graphics. There is a main tune when you load the game which is well put together and adds some atmosphere but there are no sound effects in game. The main tune keeps playing in the game and is also pretty loud! It would have been nice to have an SFX option and hear the sound of the roaring engine and gravel flying off the road.

The controls are pretty straightforward. The car will autoaccelerate and all you have to worry about is steering. This is done by moving left and right with either the D pad or key pad. 4 and 6 turn the car left and right and 7 and 9 turn while braking. I haven't figured out yet whether 1 and 3 actually turn while accelerating or are just normal turning buttons. Anyway, 8 will also brake the car. Use the shoulder buttons for the menu and that's about it. Simple.

The playability is excellent. There are three modes, championship where you unlock tracks and cars, time trial which is self explanatory and multiplayer where you can play someone else via Bluetooth. Unfortunately we were not able to test the Bluetooth feature but the game is a lot of fun to play and so would probably be even better via Bluetooth. The car is very responsive when driving so you have to constantly correct your turning. You can go off road pretty easily but you lose speed and you also can bump into anything including the checkpoint markers! The cars are a lot of fun to drive and you definitely get a sense of speed. You have to qualify in at least bronze to unlock the next track. 4 bronzes and you unlock a new car and then 8 silvers and you unlock the last car. To unlock the special car you have to get all golds. The 12 courses are pretty different and there are hilly courses, night time courses (easy to go off the road) as well as icy courses. All of them are great fun to play. The courses are pretty difficult so you will find yourself playing the course again and again to get closer to that elusive bronze and as you begin to start shaving the seconds off your lap time you realise what a great game this is.

The lastability is excellent as well. There are three modes to keep you entertained and 3 additional cars to unlock. To do this will require a lot of time and effort so the game is a worthy investment. The Bluetooth mode makes the game a bit more special and the fact that it will take you some time to get gold on all the courses means if you like driving games where you have to practice you should definitely check this out. I've currently unlocked all 12 courses and have a silver on one so only 7 more to go!