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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 ::

I-Robot Review


Game Features


Great great graphics!
Addictive gameplay and classified missions.
Auto suspends the game from any point in playing


This game is too hard!
Strange place for a health meter!

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 15/10/04

I Robot is a good game for your phone. It's challenging with great graphics and sound. There is some variety, and it has great lastability.

I am a massive Asimov fan. And I'm also a big Will Smith fan (although his sequels leave a lot to be desired). However, when I heard that Will would be in I Robot I thought it would be a disaster. But I was very pleasantly surprised. And that's the same feeling I had after playing I Robot.

This is a good solid platform game. It involves running around, shooting, kicking, occasionally jumping and occasionally sneaking.

The graphics are very well done. With a choice of 3 characters each character looks and moves differently. Sonny and the NS-5S are done very well and are faithful to the movie. Big Willie or Del Spooner has been caricatured excellently down to the clothes and walk. Susan Calvin is the least impressive as she was pretty hot in the film and looks much more like the character from the books in this game (was that intentional?) The backgrounds are well done and very futuristic and the title screen and fox logo is great.

The sound is pretty good too with some decent background music and pretty good sound effects when you are performing the various actions, when you finish a level and when you die.

The controls are a not that hard to pick up. The directional pad moves your character around and up and down move you up and down the stairs. Each character has two different actions which are dependant on the character. The centre button or 5 performs the first action and either 7 or 9 performs the second. Sounds easy enough, but sometimes the controls aren't that responsive. Maybe it was just me. There is a decent enough controls menu.

The playability of the game is pretty good. The levels are kept quite short with time limits (ranging between 2-4 minutes) and the game itself is very fun to play. As I mentioned before, the different characters have different characteristics and while Sonny can kick and punch and take out other robots, Dr Calvin can jump (??) and hide in doorways. Del Spooner can shoot and kick. The game is just a straightforward platform game with no real puzzles, you just have to find your way to a certain point in the level within the time limit. The reasons for you to get there are in conjunction with the plot of the film. The game is surprisingly addictive and the brief time limit means that you're never bored. You don't really have a choice of characters as you are assigned a character for each level. Spooner is a tough character to play as well, as although he has a gun and looks pretty hard, you only get 6 bullets and it takes 2 to kill an NS-5. When you're using Spooners other action which is kick, it doesn't actually do any damage to the NS-5S who will just block, but it gives you a good chance to get past them and away to a set of stairs. The life bar is situated to the left of the screen in an unusual place. Once depleted, you can replenish part or sometimes all of it at these 'life stations' which are pedestals with a heart shaped thing inside. It took me a long time to figure that out!! The game also autopauses when you close the phone lid, which is a really really useful feature.

The game has a fair amount of longevity. Firstly it's very hard so you may find yourself playing a level over and over again before you figure out a tactic to complete it. You play 2 levels with each character before moving onto the next character. One really cool feature is that there is a classified file which you need to complete the first 6 levels to obtain. Once obtained, this stays unlocked and contains slightly different missions. I'm on the second one with Spooner and it's proving to be incredibly difficult as you run out of bullets very very quickly. Following that, your kicks only proceed to get the robots immobilised for a few short seconds at which point you have to try and run past them and escape.

This is a very very solid game for your phone which can be very difficult but really great fun to play.