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Playman World Soccer mobile game review by Mobile Game Faqs

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Genre: Football :: Players: 1 :: Released: 05/3/06

Playman World Soccer Review

Developer: Mr Goodliving


Game Features


Tremendously fun to play
Great graphics and sound
Ability to upgrade your team


No great management options (only formation)
No difficulty level

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 13/3/06

A stunning football game which is tremendously addictive due to it's ease of control and playability.

We were lucky enough to get an advance preview of Playman World Soccer and so when the final version came out we were eager to see what it would be like. If you want to check out our preview, click here. We were very impressed with the original and even had a new handset on which to try the final version.

Graphically, the game looks very nice. The intro screen is well drawn and the sprites are large and look pretty amusing. There is quite a lot of detail on the players faces and bodies and they have a distinctly cartoony look about them which is the trademark of the Playman style of game. The different pitches look really smooth and there is even some shadowing of the player graphics. The animation is crisp and free flowing and there is no slowdown at all. The players move at a reasonable pace and as the pitch is not that big it doesn't take you long to get from one end to the other. The ball effects are great too, especially when you take power shots as there is a trail left behind. The still shots of the referees are well drawn and there are even weather effects, a mini map and player names too!

The sound is excellent. I don't know whether it was because it was a different phone, but there were plenty of sound effects on the Sony Ericsson. The introductory tune is well put together and has a nice sound to it. In the game you can have the vibration on or off and with it on, you get a little vibration when you start, get tackled, score etc. It's very nice and in addition to that there are lots of little tones and effects as you dribble, pass and shoot. And when the ball goes in a mini tune plays which also plays when you win. Great sound.

The controls are, in my opinion, the best thing about this game. There are other football games which have more depth and much greater content, but they can be hard to control. Not so here. As I mentioned in the preview, there is a two button directional control system. Just use left and right or the D-pad / joystick to rotate the players movements according to the little arrow underneath them. This will enable you to perform dribbling of the highest order which is always a great thrill for me when I play football games. The other buttons you need are 5 or the main button to pass, 2 or up on the D-pad / stick to shoot and 8 or down on the pad / stick to have your speed burst. The pass and shoot buttons are time sensitive so the longer you press it, the more powerful your pass / shot will be and the circle underneath your player will turn colour from orange to red. These controls make the game really simple and fun to play and the amount of aftertouch you can add is crazy!!

The playability is outstanding. The game has just been designed with fun in mind. There are too many in depth features and you can basically run, dribble and crack in some great shots from all angles. To me, scoring is the most fun part of football games and this game makes it easy and fun to score. The control system allows you to pull off some great runs and the aftertouch means some goals will look amazing. There are 3 main modes, the quick match mode, arcade mode and career mode. There's also a warm up mode which is effectively a training session. The one you'll want to play is career mode as it has 3 levels of challenges for you to do. Each challenge has a number of stars you can win and you can upgrade your Playman team with these in speed, attack and defence if you complete the challenge. The challenges aren't that different, usually a friendly game, sudden death, penalties or a cup or league events. Once you've finished all the events your Playman team will be extremely strong and you will have unlocked the voodoo feature which makes the game even cooler. The newly improved team that you use will now be used in the arcade mode which is a bit of a shame as if you finish all the events, your stats will be so good that you should find most teams a breeze. There are some still left, however, who have a great back line and keeper so it's not all plain sailing. You can select who you play against in quick match and so can choose to use your improved Playman team or not!

The lastability is excellent as well, primarily down to how much fun the game is to play. The in game options only allow you to change formation so there are no substitutes or great tactics to think of. To be honest, the dribbling is so great on this that after getting good, even if you had one defender at the back you'd still probably score more than the AI. That's one shame in that while all the teams have individual stats you can't actually set the difficulty level of the AI. The game has one touch passing and buffered shooting as well as such great aftertouch that you'll want to play it over again. The career mode is great as it's not that easy to finish and once you do you get really good at the game. Your progress will be saved in career mode and at the end of it you will have a high score which is based on how many games you played, how many goals you scored and so on. You can reset the score and try and get to number one on the leaderboard so this game may stay on your phone for a long time!

Great football game that proves that depth isn't always required as long as the game is fun to play and has great graphics and sound!

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