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Genre: Football :: Players: 1 :: Released: 12/3/06

2006 Real Football Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Massive game with tons of teams (club and country) as well as teams to unlock
Loads of cool features like replays that you can rewind and pause and players with special abilities
Tons of moves to make the game flow properly


Control system is a little awkward due to 8 way running

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 14/3/06

The closest thing to Pro Evo you're gonna get on the mobile market. Slightly tricky control system but that's about it.

You can tell the World Cup is upon us. Football fever is gripping developers and all the titles are popping out of the woodwork. We had our review of the unique Flitzer the other day and have also just done the stunning Playman World Soccer. So would 2006 Real Football measure up?

Well, the clue should be in the fact that it's a Gameloft game. They won our developers award for 2005 with good reason. And they've also put a Liverpool player like Djibril Cisse (I'm a fan, so sue me) as well as Shevchenko and Kahn on the cover. And the intro music is Blondie's 'Atomic' (dunno why but it does suit the game). Do you want me to go on? You do? Ok then.

The game is massive. I mean it really does have everything. The developers have taken the main staples of the console game versions and transferred it to the mobile format. The game has one two passes, through balls, buffered shots, overhead kicks and even acrobatics and a replay when you score. In addition there's a hefty choice of modes and 24 secret teams to unlock. 24. That's a lot.

The graphics are a huge step up from the previous versions. The players have decent shading and the sprites are a good size. The pitches look great but what's most impressive are the intro scenes with the flags and the team coming out of the tunnel. In addition to the female commentator (yes, there is a commentator and I'd like to meet the person on whose likeness it's based) you get the team formations coming up on the screen. In fact, it feels like you're watching it on the TV. The movement and animation is crisp and the developers have got rid of some of the more detracting features that the previous versions had like the post match press analysis and the streaker.

The sound is good, although there is some room for improvement. The main tune is licensed from Blondie and is Atomic which I've never heard at a football game before but it sounds good. During the game you get the obligatory ball sounds and the whistles which don't sound amazing, but the crowd sounds on loading, scoring and winning are great. Also the little tune when you win is pretty nice so there is some decent sound in there.

The only drawback to this game is the controls. I mean, the game should be fun to play and it is, but it can be frustrating at times. You can use the keys, D-pad or joystick. What's great is the 8 way movement but what's a real shame is the fact that the stick on the Sony Ericsson is only 4 way. If I recall correctly there's only one mobile phone handset with an 8 way stick out there. Answers on a postcard please. Or you could play it on the new Samsung game phone but we don't have one of those yet. The controls have a lot there and this is where the depth in the game is. You can do one-two passes, add aftertouch, play through balls, and buffer the shot. What was a little surprising is that you can't seem to pass while running or even sprinting with the ball. Maybe it was my phone but I kept having to stop briefly to pass and this got annoying after a while. Still, with more practice I got the hang of zipping around then stopping and instantly passing. Like the previous titles, the game is set with a side scrolling viewpoint so to move right in a straight line you have to press 3. To go diagonally to this is either 2 or 6. You get what I mean. The shooting controls are a little slow as well as the bar will build up as well as have an arrow moving across goal for your aim. But you can put on LOTS of aftertouch, so much so that I missed some open goals! The replay feature is amazing as not only do you get a 6 second replay but on the goals you can actually CONTROL the replay and rewind it and play it again in slow-motion. How cool is that!! If only you could save it.

The game really does have it all in there. There are plenty of modes as well as 3 difficulty levels. You play to win trophies and when you do you unlock some classic teams of the past. It was great fun for me to play with Keegan and Lineker up front, classic centre forwards from the two main teams of one great city. The commentator definitely adds something to the game even though the comments are fairly stock ones. You can string together some great moves and some incredible shots, have you ever seen Michael Owen score from an overhead kick from just outside the box? I have now. And the stars even have some of their own skills there, Becks with his free kicks, Adriano with his power shot etc. The game has plenty of management options and at last the developers succumbed to my request and we get 5 substitutes per team!! Not loads but better then the last version. You can change the formation as well as the overall team strategy (out of a choice of five strategies). In fact, the player attributes are also not only shown via the standard skill diagram but you get little mini descriptions of what type of player they are (there's only about 5 stock ones though). There are loads of nice little touches like this which make the game great. One thing it doesn't have is player or team development but you can't have it all. Your map is on screen and when passing the arrow above your players head indicates whether they are offside. It's just a shame that the controls take so long to fully master without a functioning 8 way controller.

The lastability is good as there is so much to do. Even with the difficult control system, the game plays really really well. The choice is there of favourite national team, club team, tournament to play in. You can even choose which stadium to play in on the friendlies (there's only one set in England unfortunately). The amount of players that have been recreated must clearly have been a mammoth task and it pays off in the size and slickness of the game. You can save your progress in each competition and come and replay it and the game will suspend and resume.

If you are a master of the keypad or have an 8 way joystick / D-pad then get this game. In fact even if you haven't, get this game as it has it all. The most massive and impressive football game I've played yet.