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Genre: Extreme Sports, Movie/TV based :: Players: 1 :: Released: 24/3/06

Powerpuff Girls Snowboarding Review

Publisher: Glu Mobile ::


Game Features


Addictive game to play
12 levels to unlock
Play as any of the 3 Powerpuff girls


No sound effects
Courses can be challenging

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 26/3/06

Cute, fun and seriously addictive.

As I write this review I am still playing this game. I should be playing other games as I have a lot to get through in the next week or so, but I can't seem to put it down. And I'm confident in my own masculinity and sexuality to admit that I love this game.

I haven't seen the Powerpuff girls so I'm not familiar with them. I vaguely know of them and the unique style of animation so I was a bit worried with this game even though it was Glu and it was the next in the series. I shouldn't have been.

First off, the graphics are full of colour. The Powerpuff girls are recreated faithfully and you can board as any of them. I don't know whether each one has different attributes, this wasn't really made clear. Still, the graphics are true to the cartoon and the game looks great. The backgrounds on the slopes are given some detail and the bonuses and things you collect give the game the colour of a Mario or Sonic type game. Bright and gaudy is the contrast to the stark white slopes you're on and it works pretty well. The animation is very smooth and when you are doing your tricks flying through the air you can see how much time the developers have spent on this. Even the little face of the character you're playing in the top left hand corner changes depending on what you're doing from sad when you wipe out to determined as a big jump approaches.

The sound is decent, again enlighten me as to whether the tune on the game is the actual Powerpuff girls tune. Still, there are two tunes, one at the menu and one in the game. No sound effects but apart from the whooshing through the air there doesn't need to be. Even the tune can be a little distracting when you're concentrating on performing 360 degree spins. For once I feel that the sound is good but not essential to the gaming experience.

The controls are simple and with a joystick or D-pad you can easily control the characters one handed. Basically press the main key or 5 to jump. When you are boarding, right speeds you up and left slows you down. In the air, press right to turn right and left to turn left. Hold them down and you'll do 360's in either direction. Up and down perform grabs, and you can combine any of the buttons for more combos. When jumping you can often do a double jump by pressing the main button again. There's a bar at the bottom of your screen and when this fills up press the 0 button during a jump to give yourself a slow motion effect for a limited amount of time in which you can repeatedly perform tricks. Regardless of what handset you have you should have no trouble with the controls.

The playability is really great. The game has 12 course which you have to unlock. To unlock the next course you have to complete the objectives. This can be anything like performing a certain number of front spins, getting a certain number of items etc. They start off easy but get difficult pretty quickly and you'll find yourself playing levels over and over again as you get just that little bit better each time. This is where the addictiveness comes in as the learning curve is really well planned. The latter levels are really tough and it takes some extreme skill to finish them. Some levels you have to perform combos where you keep doing moves or keep yourself on the rails. The combo will only count when you land on the snow safely, if you fall over and crash then all that hard work will be for nothing. However, if you stay on the rail, then the combo is still active until you come off without crashing. In this way you can jump from rail to rail performing tricks and therefore racking up your combo. You collect items as well and when you get a certain number your bar at the bottom fills up. This enables you to instigate slow motion when you are in the air after a jump and you can keep doing the tricks until you land. Remember to land safely or it won't count. On each level you can also collect three hidden letters (usually higher up or only accessible via a jump) spelling PPG (take a guess why) and you get a high bonus score. I really couldn't put the game down, it was really well developed.

The lastability is excellent too. The game reminds me a lot of the great Nate Adams but with a snowboarding theme. The physics engine isn't quite as good but there is so much fun to be had with boarding from one rail to the other doing tricks in between. The difficulty in unlocking each level means it will be a long while before you clock the game (I'm still trying after a few solid days of playing). The number of levels as well is value for money. Also the game saves your progress as well as your high score on each level so you can always go for a personal best. Even when I finish it, I'll sure I'll have fun playing.

Tremendously addictive, great fun to play and extremely challenging. This is what all mobile games should be like.