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Genre: Movie/TV based, Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 3+ :: Released: 02/4/06

Blockbusters Review

Publisher: Player X ::


Game Features


Faithful adaptation of the original TV series!
Classic music
Mascots to unlock


No bluetooth or online option
2 player is a bit fiddly
Questions are a bit easy

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 02/4/06

Mobile adaptation of the classic quiz. Good fun and a nice trip down memory lane.

Blockbusters with it's inimitable star, Bob Holness became something of an institution. A quiz which starred students became required teatime viewing. The objective was for those who never saw the show, to create a link between either going left to right linking the blue hexagons or going top to bottom linking the white hexagons. If you were blue then you had one extra hexagon to get to and hence you had two players on your team. If you were white then it was just a one player team. The show ran for ages and became extremely popular. The hexagons had letters on them and the answer started with that letter.

This is the mobile edition of the game which is fun to play and has managed to recreate the show fairly well. We don't have the intelligence and dry humour of Bob but you do get a nostalgic look back to what was a great quiz game.

The game looks like the TV series in that the board and colours are faithfully recreated. The famous music is also there in polyphonic glory as well as the tones when you answered questions correctly or buzzed in. In addition to the board you have a little pic of a player which looks a bit like the gimpy students who used to go on the show and there are four mascots you can choose. These do nothing but the students who used to appear on the show did have some funky mascots they used to bring with them so this is a nice little touch.

The controls are simple for a one player game and a bit tricky when playing with more than one person. As this is a quiz game you can play in teams if you want but it would probably involve people huddling around the phone looking at the screen. This may work on some of the handsets with larger screens but if your phone has a small screen it's probably not worth it. You use the D or key pad to move the cursor to select a square and the main button or 5 or the left shoulder button to select. To answer a question you press the main button or 5 or the left shoulder button to select your answer. When playing the two player game you have to buzz in to answer the question to light the correct tile. Player 1 has the 1,4,7 and * keys as buzzers and Player 2 has the 3,6,9 and # keys as buzzers. So you could technically have up to 8 people playing but I don't think it would really work, especially if the buttons are small on your phone.

The game plays quite well in one player mode. The quiz has been recreated faithfully and the scores are based on the time it takes for you to complete the final gold round. The questions themselves are not that tricky as they are all current general knowledge and you had the added advantage of knowing what letter the answer starts with. When you have to answer a question you get a choice of 3 answers and a timer begins counting down. The longer you take the less answers become available for selection so you have to be fairly quick with your selection. If you're playing one player as there is no competition you go straight through to the final round which is the gold round. In quick play you just play one game of the gold round. In single player play though, you have to play 5 gold rounds with the time you get for each gold round decreasing by 30 seconds each time. The time you take to complete this will determine your final score. In 2 player you play a proper game of blockbusters with players having to buzz in to get the right answer. It can be a bit easy in 2 player as it's all about the speed of buzzing. The questions are pretty easy to answer so once you've read the question buzz in quickly even if you don't know the answer as you'll probably recognise it. Don't buzz in too quickly as otherwise you may miss reading the question!

The lastability is ok, there are actually some things to unlock in the game. If you get the top 4 scores on the leaderboard you can unlock another 3 mascots to use in addition to the standard ones. The scores can be reset and the game paused / resumed. The 2 player game is a little lacking as it's very easy to just buzz in quickly and then try and figure out the answer. Plus using the same handset has it's restrictions. This is a game which would have been ideal for bluetooth and being played across two different handsets but unfortunately this option isn't there. It's a nice recreation of a classic TV show and the questions aren't all that hard, but more of a novelty value to show your friends rather than an actual multiplayer gaming experience.

It gets a bronze award for faithfully recreating the format and attempting multiplayer gaming. If it had bluetooth it would have got a higher award.