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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 02/5/06

Absolute Puzzle Deluxe Review

Developer: GlobalFun


Game Features


3 different games for the price of one
The games are fun to play


Average graphics and sounds
The games aren't that new or innovative

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 02/5/06

One for the puzzle fiends amongst you. 3 separate games, all pretty different and all pretty puzzley to keep you entertained.

There have been some classic puzzle games we had the pleasure of playing so when we got Absolute Puzzle Deluxe we were pretty surprised to see not just one but 3 games in there!

The game starts off with some music which I'm sure is from Snap's Rhythm is a Dancer onto a loading screen that is quite blue and has a bit of colour only for it to fade back to more blue. Then you get the choice of the three games, Clear Out, Blockers and Light Up. You also get a settings and help option, although the actual game controls are located in the help option when you select each game.

Let's start with Clear Out then. The objective of the game is to spot patterns and try and clear as much of the screen as you can. There are no falling blocks like tetris or colours popping up like Puzzle Bobble. You get a random board where you have to spot instances where two or more of the same colours are adjoining and then if you select them they will pop out and the colours above will drop down. You can pop any two colours or more so there's plenty of popping to do. The more colours you pop in one go, the higher score and if you pop 3 or more colours you enter combo time to increase your score. There is also one other element of a blinking block which changes colour and you have to wait until it gets to the colour you want to pop it. This is the only puzzle game here with two modes, a normal mode where you get one board to play on and that's it (to try and get your highest score) and an infinite mode where you have a time limit but clearing the blocks gives you more time, and more blocks will appear. You get the drift. Enjoyable and certainly not new, but done fairly well.

The next one up is Blockers which I am sure I have played before. In fact I think it plays a lot like Going Home (see our review) and I think many of the initial levels are the same. The object is to get an orange (and sometimes also green) block through to the exit. There are other blocks err...blocking your path. They can only be moved in a specific axis (either up and down or left and right, annotated by the arrows on the blocks) and so you have to rearrange the blocks on the grid in order to clear a path for your orange block to make it home. This is more of a brain teaser than Clear Out and more of an enjoyable game for me. The levels are not that complicated and once you see which blocks you have to move you can work backwards to figure out the correct strategy. The game gives you points and the less moves you do it in the more points you get. Like Clear Out there are some tones when moving the blocks and a little tune when you finish the level. You can pause the game and restart the level if it takes you a few moves to figure out how to clock it, and that way you can increase your score. Quite fun to play.

The final one is a game called Light Up which, in my opinion, is the trickiest out of all 3. In this game you have a laser which shines a coloured beam and you have to use mirrors and other devices to deflect that beam into the path of a crystal ball which is of the same colour. There are numerous devices you can use in later levels and different coloured beams and crystals. For instance, you may have some tubing which splits the beam in two or moves it to an angle and in some levels you can use another crystal to combine two colours together to get a third. This is definitely more taxing than the other two games and the score you get is based on the time it takes you to figure out how to clock the level. On every fifth level you get bombs which you can't hit but to avoid you experimenting you have a light switch (only on every fifth level) which you have to turn on. So basically this means you can't use trial and error, you have to figure out the correct route and placement and then turn on the light switch and hope that you haven't hit a bomb. I got to level 10 so far and it's getting a little tricky. Same sound effects and tunes when you complete the level.

While the three games contained may not be the most innovative or the most fun to play, they are all pretty good puzzle games for those who like the genre and getting 3 games is a lot of bang for your buck. The games can be suspended and resumed and your progress is saved on each game so you can either continue or you can choose to start again to improve your score.

If you like different puzzle games and the above 3 sound appealing you should check this out!