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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 18/6/06

Bobby Carrot 4 - Flower Power Review

Developer: FDG


Game Features


More great puzzles
Extra features improve replay value


No Cons! That's good :)

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Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K700i

Costas Stephanides ’s Review

Review Date: 24/6/06

Bobby's back, this time with his tractor license.

Bobby Carrot 3 is one of our most read reviews of all time (and one of our most popular downloaded games). Considering there is no branding and no hype, it shows what word of mouth can achieve. The title may sound dodge and the screenshots ambiguous but speak to anyone who has played it and you'll be out buying it before you know it.

It's been a while and we had thought FDG might be sitting on their laurels, but this summer sees Bobby Carrot 4 - Flower Power. You cannot blame FDG for not wanting to mess around too much with this winning formula. The graphics and the sound are of similar quality to before and it seems Bobby has kept off the pies over winter.

Obviously it is still a puzzle game and many of the previous elements are there. Rotatable barriers, switches, gates, lillies and the deadly spikes. There are two main differences that take it away from being 'an expansion pack'. First off, the carrots are gone and Bobby has gone all enviromental and wants to grow flowers rather than eat them. These flowers grow pretty quickly, once you walk over a flowerbed, a flower will sprout fairly rapidly and can then block your path. A lot more tactics are involved to safely negotiate the maze with and without the grown flowers.

Secondly, there's the lawnmower - yes, rabbits can drive. Judging by Rabbit - Terror of the Wood, if a rabbit can hump a bear, it can drive a damn lawnmower. As every fully licenced rabbit knows, lawnmowers need to petrol. Before you can use the lawnmower you have to find the petrol can. Before you can start planting seeds and growing flowers, you may want to find the can and start cutting. Some of the flower beds can be found once the long grass has been cut. Mowing the lawn can also reveal coins. Yup, they can shop as well. You can go to the bazaar and trade your coins for extra music, wallpaper, speedy trainers and even 2 new level packs. There's plenty of incentive to find those coins. If you do have trouble with the coins then you can alsways go to the casino, you guessed it, this little bunny likes to gamble.

Bobby Carrot 4 may not have quite as many levels as its predecessor but there is more replay value and the added complexity in the puzzles take the Bobby Carrot series to the next level.