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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 08/9/06

Billy the Kid 2 Review

Developer: GlobalFun


Game Features


Lots to do


Graphics a little dated

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia N70

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 11/9/06

Regulators... mount up for a long shoot 'em up

The second adventure for Billy the Kid from Global Fun and it's pretty damn good. The game is played in overhead view and is pretty similar to Ikari Warriors et al.

After turning your back on a world of crime and duels, life takes an evil twist and you must put your gun belt on and open a can of whoop ass.

There is a plot of sorts but basically, just make your way through each level and kill anything that moves. Unlike some of its counterparts, the levels are large and there is no set way to the exit point. It is a free roaming game with the occasional helping arrow for times of despair. To top it all off, there's 13 levels - completing the game will take a few hours. There are three difficulty settings and even easy gets a bit tough by the end.

The graphics are ok, decent sized sprites and detail and there's even rain and lightning thrown in. The main difference with this game is the actual playing. One thing I never liked about Ikari Warriors was the fact that you could only shoot along fixed lines. Billy the Kid 2 makes things a bit easier with a lock-on target system. You don't need to be facing directly in line anymore, just vaguely in the correct direction. It's not perfect as you can lock on to a barrel when 5 people are shooting at you. You can toggle your targets but by the time you figure it out, you're dead anyway. It is mostly a case of shoot and then run, return and shoot them again.

As I've said, the levels are big and you will travel through deserts, mountains and all the towns in between. In the towns you can enter buildings and start a few fire fights while you are there. There's nothing too flash for this, the building will just magically lose its roof when you are in there. One of the best levels is on the train, it's a totally feeling and more of this sort of variation would have been welcomed.

Controlling the cowboy is very easy and is best done through the D-pad and centre button. You start off with your trusty six shooter but shotguns and rifles can be found along the way. There??????s no mechanism for storing your powerful weapons for the bosses and there are also no grenades or dynamite ??????? just make best use of the weapons when you have them.

Overall, a very satisfying experience. Due to its length, you will forget the earlier levels so a replay is not in doubt too much.