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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 2 :: Released: 20/9/06

Beach Babes Review

Publisher: MediaPlazza :: Developer: MediaPlazza


Game Features


Quite a few pics to get
Multiplayer mode (eeek)


No suspend / resume!
Sound is pretty basic
Pics could be a little better

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 21/9/06

A version of Snap! for adults but could it be worse than Sexy Babes??

We know there's a large market for adult mobile games, and we have reviewed a few in our time, so here's another one to add to the list.

If you've ever been in an arcade, a proper one mind you like Goodge St or LV, you may have noticed that they usually have some adult games in there as the Japanese, like us, like to look at pics of naked women. However, for some inane reason, they like to work for it as well, perhaps in some pseudo guilt disposing exercise. So you have the puzzle games which all have pics of scantily clad / nude women underneath. Solve the puzzle and you get to ogle the pic. Nice huh? (and I always remember one of the staff at Goodge giving himself unlimited credits so he can breeze through all these games!)

Mediaplazza have gone down that road with Beach Babes which is basically a Snap style memory game and some pics of topless ladies. Now the pics themselves are ok, if a little pixellated for some reason, I'm sure the image clarity is a lot better on phones if it wants to be. In fact, the pics almost have a certain "Sexy Babes" look about them, although they are clearly based on real pics.

In the game itself, you have a grid which increases after each level. There are a number of cards face down and you have to match them up. You can only draw two cards at a time so you have to remember where they were. This type of game is a classic, so you should get the drift. You get points for how quickly you complete the grid and also lose a few points each time you don't match a pair. So what do points make? Prizes. Yup, the more points you get the more pics you can buy in the gallery. Some of them are quite expensive, although the more expensive ones may not necessarily be the best ones!! Still, it may take you a fair amount of time to get all the pics, a good few hours I would say.

Controls are really simple, use the D or key pad to move and press the main button or 5 to reveal the card. One very very very annoying aspect is that the game doesn't appear to suspend / resume and if you get an incoming call or text, you'll lose the points gained up to that date. If you quit in the normal fashion and restart, you start from the smaller boards again (ie round 1) but your overall points total does remain. That's something at least!! Almost as much as the small bit of music playing during the game.

The game also boasts a multiplayer option where you can play a friend or even a stranger online via WAP browsing. You can even post your high scores! Now we didn't get to try this feature, but come on.....challenging a friend to a game where you uncover pics of nude women? That's almost like watching porn with your male mates, ie probably best not done. Still, multiplayer optionality is a nice thought.

I don't know how long the game will last on your phone as once you get the pics out that's it. It takes a while to get back to the points totals from whence you left off, and as I said, I'm not too sure about the multiplayer option.

Still, not a bad little game for those who like this sort of thing.