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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 ::

Castle of Spells Review

Developer: Ismar


Game Features


Great graphics
Fun to play
5 save slots!!


No real upgrades
Most levels are too straightforward
No option to turn the sound off

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 26/10/04

Castle of Spells is a nice game for your phone. Not overly complicated, decent graphics and sound and a variety of monsters.

Castle of spells is a good game, in which some effort has clearly been spent in the programming.

It's a standard platform game and you have to make it through the traps and baddies to the end of each of the 5 levels and escape through the green castle door.

The graphics are pretty decent, and time has been spent on all the sprites and backgrounds. They are big and colourful and this is a great feature of the game. The backgrounds look nice and the main character animation when he jumps is not only great, but hilarious too. He kind of floats and then flaps his wings. Also, there's a pretty cool loading screen which has a nice pic of a gandalf style wizard.

Sound is pretty good too, with a nice tune and some sound effects. There's only one drawback, they should have given you the option to turn it off. The only way is to play with the phone on silent.

The controls are pretty simple, you can move around using the directional or number pad and the centre button or 5 shoots your magic. You can also jump diagonally and crawl. Very easy to pick up and use. The only thing I would say is that the shooting can be a bit slow at times.

The playability is really good. The game plays like a very decent platformer. There are suitable jumps, baddies and levers in the game. It's also fun to play and the main character is pretty cool to watch. There are no realy power ups, which is a shame, you can sometimes pick up an extra life or invulnerability but that's it. Your magic doesn't increase and all the different coloured vials you pick up are just to increase your score. Some of the monsters can be quite hard to kill (the skeletons fire at you) and some can be far too easy (the ghosts or the knights), and there aren't really puzzles, just switches you have to find. However, even with the size of the later levels, this is not that hard.

The lastability is pretty good. Each level gets a little bit more challenging and bigger than the last one. Another really cool thing is that you have 5 save slots! Why, you may ask? Well, when you clock a level and save it, your health at the end of that level is also saved so you start the next level on the health you were on! This makes it tricky on the later levels. I played through to the last level and kept overwriting my save file, then realised on the last level that I had no energy and so have had to go back and replay the earlier levels.

Overall a fun and well made platform game with great graphics.