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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 03/10/06

Amazing Spider-Man Webslinger Review

Developer: Connect2Media


Game Features


Simple control system
Two modes


You never get to concentrate on Spidey's swing!
Sound is a bit poor
Not that much game time

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 04/10/06

A one button casual game which looks great but could have a little more to it.

Ok, I can be known sometimes for my long reviews. And yes, I like to procrastinate or wax lyrical sometimes a little too much. So before I get onto the detail, here's the short version. It's basically a nice looking version of Glu's Sexy Babes, but with the webslinger.

Yup, it's one of those casual games which most of the time requires one input, and can be easily played with a joystick. The game is designed for you to have a quick go if you like, although the later levels do take some time. If you're interested, there's a plot as well as a survival mode and the plot involves you facing off against the Green Goblin, although this doesn't really happen until the last few levels. You have to control Spidey's web slinging with the joystick / D / Key pad. As Spidey swings through the air, you get a little meter which appears next to him. It's a small quarter circle arc which has a sweet spot area at the bottom denoted by a colour. A circle comes down the meter and you have to press the main button just as the circle gets to the circular out line in the sweet spot. It sounds a little complicated but if you've played a golf game you'll know what I mean when you see it. Time it right and you get points, time it perfect and Spidey swings with some dope moves. The circles come down the meter quite quickly sometimes and as the levels progress, you'll find yourself not just pressing the main button (or 5) for the circle, but having to press directions (up, down, left and right) as well as double inputs (press up, up or down, down quickly) as well.

If you time these right, then the sweet spot on the meter increases from orange to green making it easier to time the hits. If your timing sucks, then the sweet spot range will decrease to red and you really better be careful. There's a bar at the top of your screen showing how much you have left in the level and you can also see your lives and score.

Now, the game isn't too hard to complete, although it does have a "story" mode and survival mode. I played through the story mode pretty quickly once I got the hang of the button timings. The game saves progress between each level so you can start at that. You can also replay to improve your high score although each level takes ages to load!!

Even though the gameplay is a little simple and could have been better, the graphics are my main problem with the game. Yes, they look nice, just like the main picture does and the loading picture does. I'll admit the detail on the buildings isn't great but Spidey looks cool swinging in the air. And therein lies the problem. As you perform these button inputs, Spidey is swinging his heart out doing loop the loops, somersaults, flips and even knocking out bad guys and collecting items. But you don't really get to see any of this as you're usually too busy trying to input the buttons which do require some strict timing. So all the beauty of swinging through the air with the greatest of ease is lost on you. The animation is nice though on the few times I've tried to look, but the music can be approved. The main tone (not much of a tune here, just a few chords) blasts out fairly loud on loading, but on retrospect, sounds like it should have been in Enter the Dragon. In the game there are some tones as you press buttons and pick / beat up people.

There is also a survival mode but overall I would hazard a guess and say that this game is aimed at the younger generation, especially those who are Spidey fans!!