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Genre: Sports :: Players: 1 ::

Federov Hockey Review

Publisher: Unknown :: Developer: Centerscore


Game Features


Superb graphics and animation - you really feel like you are on ice.
Lots of power ups to get
Plenty of stats for you to best your best!


Controls are a little tricky at first
Not that great music and sound
Where's the gold cup?

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 26/10/04

Sergei Federov hockey is a great hockey game for your phone. It takes a little getting used to the controls, but is really fun to play again and again.

Sergei Federov hockey is a great phone game. You play as Mr Federov himself, having to face off against the keeper in a 3 minute match. The objective is to score as many goals as you can to get onto the leaderboard.

The graphics are pretty good in this game. The loading screen is great and in game, the graphics are very well presented. The sprite for the main man himself is a decent size and well animated. Sergei slides around pretty easily and when you switch to the shooting the graphics of the keeper and Sergei's face are brilliantly done. Plus the trophies don't look too bad either!

The sound is ok. There is the obligatory hockey countdown music and then the minor sound effects when you pick up power ups, shoot and the time runs out. Not bad, but could have been a lot better.

The controls are simple to understand but a bit more difficult to master. However, once you do, then the game becomes a lot more enjoyable. You move around the ice using the directional pad or the numeric pad. The more you push in the direction you are skating, the faster you go and the more your power bar builds. Then as you get near the shooting line, you have to press the shoot button, angle your shot and then select the power. Unfortunately you have to do these pretty quickly so it can be tough at first. The info bar at the top left tells you the goals scored, the distance to the goal when you are skating and the bar on the top right turns into your power bar for your shots.

The playability is really good. An arrow tells you where you have to pick up the puck from and there are plenty of power ups to be had. It took me a long time t figure out the scoring (much more dependant on accuracy than power - go top top corner every time!) but once I did, then I began to score a lot more and the game got much more satisfying. Be warned though, the target you have to move around the goal is pretty small. The numerous power ups represent a great option and the animation once you've scored makes it worthwhile.

The lastability is pretty good as well. You are playing for a high score position and a bronze or silver cup (no gold is mentioned though, strange.....) but there are lots of cool features. The keeper tries to guess where you will shoot, often based on your last shot, so try and fool him by going the opposite way. Plus, if you get a certain number of goals in a row, the score increases by a lot to mark the feat. Also there are statistics on the amount of shots scored vs the amount take so you can try and best this score as well. The game is also quick to play at 3 minutes and autopauses if suspended. So you can have a quick go on the train or during those boring office meetings.

All in all, if you like hockey (and not the field hockey that I play regularly - now that's a man's game, hockey ball flying at high speeds with no protection) then this is the perfect game for your phone. Lots of fun, lots of power ups and quick to play!