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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/10/06

Elven Chronicles Review

Publisher: GlobalFun :: Developer: Big Blue Bubble


Game Features


Huge game with tons of items
Really great battle action
Very nice graphics


A little repetitive, not much to do in the quests
Sound could be better

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 06/11/06

Zelda meets Final Fantasy in this massive RPG

Elven Chronicles (EC) is basically a turn based style combat RPG. If you've ever played Final Fantasy you know the sort I'm talking about. Set in a realm where dragons roam amongst other strange beasts, EC starts you off as you wake up in someone's house and have to figure out what happened. You see, there is great evil in the land and it's up to you and your companion to banish it. As luck would have it, you appear to be a warrior of the highest order and your companion appears to be a skilful mage. No, I'm not writing the promo blurb for the actual game, I'm just trying to give you a feel for it.

The plot to the game has you visiting towns to try and free these warp gates from the big bad bosses guarding them. To do this you must hone your skills by fighting creatures outside the town and this will increase your experience points. As with games of this sort, the higher you progress, the greater the range of attacks that become available to you and the more your HP (hit points) and MP (magic points) increase. In addition to these level upgrades, you do also have some side quests to complete as each town will have one person there who will give you something useful if you go out and defeat a certain number of beasties. The items vary but there are litterally tons of items in the game. Each of the characters has weapons and armour to equip as well as an item such as a ring of power etc, which also has attributes. There are elemental attacks in the form of the four elements and also holy and unholy attacks.

Each creature you fight will have a particular susceptibility as well as a particular strenght. For instance, if you hit the vampires with an unholy attack, they will gain HP instead of losing it, but hit them with a holy attack and you will hurt them a lot more than a fire or ice attack. It's up to you to find out what works and what doesn't and also try and remember this.

The game is turn based combat and you can use items during the battle or try and run away if you want. In addition to the large numbers of items and magics in the game, there are tons and tons of different monsters to fight, all looking particularly menacing. They have levels as well and if you come up against something a lot stronger than you you had better leg it!

The maps increase in size the further you progress in the game and a great thing is that you can save your progress at any point. The controls are very simple to use, the main button or 5 does pretty much everything, but you can walk around with the stick or keys. Press the right softkey for the map and the left softkey for the heroes menu where you can view your stats, inventory, quests, magic, save the game and some other stuff too. And one great feature is that a bit later you get magic that transports you back to the town so you don't have to go trawling back through the terrain in order to get to your destination after defeating a boss.

There are supposed to be cut scenes but I didn't come across too many. There's the first one and only one other in the first three towns, but then I still think there was a lot of the game to go. The plot didn't advance too much during my several hours of playing and there wasn't too much else to do apart from going around and killing. But then, if that's your thing you'll love it. There are usually the same characters in the towns, a weaponsmith, someone to buy armour from, potions from and also magical items. The only problem is the serious ones cost a LOT of money and you don't seem to get it too quickly. The other person in the town just tells you to kill a certain number of monsters for some rewards. This is probably my biggest gripe about the game because after a while it got very monotonous. Yes, it was great fun to romp around killing things and seeing my experience increase and getting better attacks and items but with a lack of doing anything else, it got repetitive pretty quickly. If you had to find something or had more interaction with characters then the game would be perfect. But it basically just turned into one big final fantasy battle sequence.

Ok, there are downloadable levels which is cool, and the game is absolutely huge. It took me a week of playing on and off when I could grab some time just to get to the third town, but for all it's faults I do think I'll keep playing it just to see what's gonna happen. Onto the graphics and sound then to round things off.

The thing about mobile gaming is the screen size. You're never going to have a screen the size of a PSP so straight away when it comes to large games, you may well be limited on the graphics. This is not the case here with some really lush detail during the game. The still pictures of the characters have a really great Manga feel to them and during the towns and battle sequences, there is colour abound. The characters themselves seem a little small at times, but have that Zelda on the SNES look so you don't feel shortchanged, especially when you see the detail on some of the larger beasts that you fight. Still, this isn't quite PS1 quality but more like high end SNES quality and for an RPG game, that'll do nicely. The graphical effects during battle and also during the walking around are very nicely done, but don't quite have the depth or quality as FF7. There are some nice lightning effects and big blasts though and the tune is pretty cool as well. No action music or winning battle music which is a shame but the game does look great.

Overall, definitely worth checking out, especially if you like turn based battle games and RPG's.