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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/11/06

Magnetic Joe Review

Developer: Most Wanted Entertainment


Game Features


Addictive gameplay
Loads of levels
Easy controls


Average graphics and sound

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 20/11/06

A really simple and addictive game. There. We haven't said that in a long while.

One touch gameplay really has become all the rage and now we've got a variant on the kind of gameplay that made Elf in Forest such a hit. The PC based games where you have to hold down one key to maintain the flight of a character and avoid objects in your path is kind of like what you have to do in Magnetic Joe.

Joe is a ball with one side made of metal. When he passes near a magnet, if you press the main button or 5 down, you will see sparks of magnetism, which looks rather like lightning, sizzle between Joe and the magnet. You'll notice Joe get attracted to the magnet and see his movement and rotation change, so effectively by pressing the button when Joe is near a magnet, you can control his movement. As a ball, he can happily bounce and roll, but there are tricky areas which are full of spikes that Joe doesn't like. So you have to use the magnets in the walls to guide Joe to safety which is a square with a star in the middle of it denoting the end of the level. The magnets have arrows on them and these denote which direction the magnet will push Joe towards.

It's an incredibly simple concept that is done really well. The areas that Joe has to navigate are increasingly more tricky and there are some really nice levels in there. Some seem impossible at first but play them a few times and you'll soon understand what you have to do. They are also generally quite short and so this is a perfect game for having a quick go and advancing through a few levels. In fact, it's so simple and addictive that you'll be coming back again and again. The learning curve is really good and I'm now at levels where you have to have extremely close control of how Joe moves. This is achieved through holding the button down for a long period of time or by pressing it sporadically to only just give Joe a little nudge. It's a far cry from the start and you realise the potential of the game on some of the later levels.

Graphics are very nice and colourful, the backgrounds are decent and Joe looks like a happy bouncing ball. There's not a whole lot going on in the screen, you have a bit of terrain, some magnets as part of the ground and of course the spikes. The animation for the magnetism is nice and the way Joe moves around is really well done. Sound is good too with a nice little ditty on loading and also during the game. The controls are very very easy, you just need the main button or 5 to activate Joe's magnetism. Hold it down and you'll get a more powerful reaction and that's all you need!

The game saves after every level and you can restart where you left off. When you finish a level you get a little animation of Joe doing something while bouncing around which is nice, and if you fail a level he looks a little peeved. Pee-eee-ved if you know what I mean. I've got quite far in the levels (in the 30s now) and I'm still really enjoying the game. You can fail a level by a very small margin and so when you get so tantalisingly close you'll want to come back and play again. The same applies to when you figure out how to do the level and the finesse required is really rewarding.

An absolute gem of a game which should have all casual gamers out there tripping over themselves to get it.