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Genre: Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 09/9/04

Summer Games Review

Developer: Mforma


Game Features


Variety of great events!
Play in a competition or practice
Great graphics, sound and instructions.


Due to the amount of button bashing involved you could look a bit silly on the train!

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/10/04

Epyx Summer games is a top game for your phone. Great events, detailed instructions and cool music. You can practice individual events and play against your mates! What more could you want.

I remember the days of two of these types of games back on the Commodore 64. Decathlon and Daley Thompson's decathlon were classsics and we used to go through two joysticks on every 1500m events. I was thinking, how could a mobile phone game match these greats? Well, Epyx Summer games does that very well.

It's a standard Track and Field / Decathlon type of game. There are several events to choose from, though I have to say that on my Sharp GX20 there were only 5 events instead of 7. I didn't get the shot put or discus which is a shame. You play through all the events in a competition or you can practice each one to beat your high score.

Graphically the game is excellent, the sprites are very reminiscent of the games I mentioned above. The backgrounds are well done, with the usual advertising boards, and the movement of the character is absolutely great.

The sound is top notch. There are several very different and very funky tunes during the game as well as the starters gun and foul sounds. Couldn't be better.

The controls are fairly simple but require some co-ordination. One great feature is you can set the controls to whicever keys you want. For the 100m, you need to press between two buttons as rapidly as possible. For the other events, one button pressed rapidly will run and the other will perform an action, ie jump on the long jump and hurdles raise the angle of your javelin etc. Once you have a couple of goes, the controls become really easy and there are detailed instructions and hints for each event.

The playability is superb. I love these types of games and they are simple to pick up and great fun to play. With only 5 events, the competition is pretty quick, which is good for any kind of journey. The only slight drawback is with the amount of button bashing involved, you may feel a little embarassed playing it on the train. Ideal for long car journeys though. Each event is pretty different and very playable. There is some co-ordination required in timing your long jump, hurdles and javelin but it's easy to improve and you should see a definite improvement in a few goes. In one player mode you compete against 4 AI characters and I haven't won that yet. In 4 player mode, you compete against your friends.

The lastability is superb. While I haven't won yet, there are three difficulty levels to choose from. The records for each event are saved and so you can keep practicing one event to beat your high score. The game is pretty quick to play and autopauses if suspended so you will inevitably find yourself coming back for more. The events and the game itself is just a lot of fun!

If you like these sorts of games, it's very highly recommended.