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Genre: Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 27/1/07

Project Gotham Racing Mobile Review

Developer: Glu


Game Features


Great replay value
Excellent controls


Not much of a rush

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Review Details
Handset Nokia N70

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 27/1/07

A great driving game

We were a bit shocked to say the least when we heard Project Gotham was coming to mobile. On its original release it was one of the Xbox's saving graces and could compete with Gran Turismo. We would never expect Gran Turismo to be ported to mobile and the same applies to PGR.

Glu have managed to create a very technical driving game. I hasten to call it 'racing' and it is more about skillful driving and solo challenges than out and out races. The basics of the game are great, the graphics and especially the backgrounds which are very impressive. There's good sound and more than enough vibration effects. Where the game excels is in the controls - very simple and effective. The car auto accelerates and there is a brake if you need it. 4 and 6 move left/right and 1/7 and 3/9 let you do handbrake turns. With a bit of practice you can master a whole race without hitting anything and just gliding the track with a combination of handbrake turns.

A large part of PGR Mobile is about earning kudos. Perform some smooth skids, overtake, slipstream or even get some air under your tyres and you will earn kudos points. Your kudos is multiplied if you manage to combine some these tricks. This is where the precise controls really come into play which allow you to tease the car into a long string of tricks.

The game is very well presented. In our version, there were 3 cities to drive through (high-end versions will feature five cities) each having several tracks. Glu's cunning trick to stretch the gameplay is to force you to play the same track four or five times in order to complete each of the challenges. Each track has at least one proper race against three other cars. The remaining challenges are usually more skill based or time trials and they all have a selection of trophies to aim for. Before you start the challenge, you have to select the difficulty/trophy level. The harder the level, the more money you earn which you can hoard to buy one of the 8 licensed sports cars. There are 39 challenges in total and it's just a case of playing safe to slowly build up your money and then buy the top car and replay the game to win all the top trophies.

A driving game that relies so heavily on a delicate touch and accurate controls cannot be as fast-paced as some of its competitors; even racing at 200mph does not seem that fast. PGR Mobile does have an in-car view which definitely feels faster but this view makes it easier to crash and lose your kudos points. As far as realistic racing games go, PGR Mobile beats Need For Speed: Carbon on so many levels (better graphics, better gameplay, etc) but this is not a game for the adrenalin junkies - try out Planet Riders 3D.

PGR Mobile does have an online leader board and also unlockable wallpapers (although sadly not in our version). Symbian and naturally Windows Mobile version are planned and should be out fairly soon.