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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 28/1/07

Super Yum Yum 2 Review

Developer: Airplay UK


Game Features


36 levels
New element with bigger fruit and Leon's babies
Mini game to play


Still no mid level save :(
The mini game can be tough!

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/1/07

Leon's back in the sequel to one of our favourite games.

We were the first people in the UK to review Super Yum Yum way back in March 2005. And it was the kind of game that looked so simple but was so devilishly addictive that we couldn't put it down until we had eaten every piece of fruit in the game (take that Gillian McKeith!). It's taken over a year but we finally got our hands on a copy of Super Yum Yum 2 and due to a Christmas mix up the game didn't make it into our awards in time. If it had, it would have provided some pretty stiff competition for best puzzle game category. Still, there will have to be some pretty strong offerings in 2007 to compete.

The premise is pretty much the same as in the first game and to refresh yourselves you can read our review of Super Yum Yum. It's a puzzle game for those not in the know and Leon the lizard has to eat fruit and rescue his babies. He can only eat fruit that's the same colour as him and the leaves on the fruit he eats is the colour he will turn into next. Get it? Well, you soon will after you play the game.

So what has improved? Well, the graphics for a start as they are now even brighter and bolder with a lot more crispness to them. There are also plenty of funny little animations of other creatures which have no bearing on the game but which look quite nice and are amusing to watch. The backgrounds are also improved and the game looks very well presented.

Sound is really cool too, with two different tunes on loading and the level select areas. There's no tune in the levels themselves which is a good thing, as there are some really cool sound effects. The developers have got some very cute speech in there when Leon or his babies eat the fruit or complete the levels from saying "yum" in different tones to "super yum yum" and "daddy" when Leon rescues his babies. The sounds match the mood of the game perfectly and are a very nice addition.

The original had such a winning formula that it's hard to change it or improve it, so the developers took a wise move and left well enough alone with a few tweaks here and there. First of all there are still four worlds and you still have to eat fruit. The fruit is also still at different levels although this is much more utilised later in the game in this version. What's new is that now Leon has to rescue his babies during the levels and this is a good thing too, as there are now giant fruits that Leon can't eat by himself. These fruits have a number on them and it indicates how many lizards are needed to eat them. So a fruit with a big number three on it means that Leon has to rescue at least two of his babies to be able to eat the fruit (he's included in the three). The babies are not always accessible either and this added element of variation makes the game even more puzzling. You have more options on what to do and the levels do get quite a bit harder as you progress, but as with the original, the answer is so often staring you in the face.

Also as with the first you don't have to eat all the fruit to finish the level, but in order to progress to other levels and worlds you have to eat a certain amount. You can check your progress on the weighing scales and this will tell you how much you need and how much you have. If you have enough, then land will appear allowing you to reach these other areas. Unfortunately you still can't save progress mid level so you may have to have a few trial and error attempts before you get the right sequence of fruits to eat.

Another new development is the mini game between levels. This is to break up the similarity of the objective of each level, as in the mini game it's not about using your brain, it's about your reaction time on the keypad. The number of babies that Leon rescues in each world has a direct impact on the mini game as you have to time button presses to launch your babies into a giant piece of fruit. The more babies you rescue on the levels, the more you have for the mini game. Then when they are all in, you jump in and you have to time your button presses again to ensure you eat the fruit. Only by eating all the fruit do you get to the next world. And there's a clock counting down that you have to beat as well. The game can be as tough as puzzling out some of the tricker levels and even with very fast reactions (as I so modestly have) you may have to play it a few times to get through.

There are 36 levels in this new game and again a special ending if you eat all the fruit. I have 6 levels to go and I am completely addicted to playing this non stop. Like the first version, the simplicity of the idea and the fact that my brain keeps telling me I should be able to figure out the route to eat all the fruit, makes me give up sleep to play this game. Last night I was playing until 3am as I had a few brainwaves and finished a few levels that I was having trouble on.

While not tremendously different from the original, there is enough of the same addictiveness as well as a few improvements to make Super Yum Yum 2 an absolutely top quality puzzle game. If you like these sorts of games, you should definitely get this one.