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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 05/2/07

Americas Army Special Operations Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Missions vary between copter and soldier
11 levels


You lose power ups once you get hit once
Game is very very hard

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 14/3/07

A shoot em up where you get to fly helicopters and take on enemy soldiers on the ground.

Gameloft produce some great games and one thing that sits really well with me is the fact that the games are pitched at the right level. They are well presented and well thought out and America's Army is one of these games BUT it is damn damn hard.

The game is basically a shoot em up with some levels in between where you have to walk around and kill people. In most of the levels you take control of some Apache helicopter which has the usual power ups and items to collect. There is plenty of enemy fire that you have to avoid and make it through to the various checkpoints in the game.

Graphically the game looks very nice and I would say solid although there is nothing spectacular. The backgrounds have a good level of detail and the animation on the vehicles and on the soldiers is adequate. The movement could be a little smoother but I don't really have cause to complain. The sound is not bad as the game has a military style tune when you load it and little mini tunes when you start a level and finish a level / die. There are also sound effects for destroying things and when you get hit but the latter is more of a single metallic tone.

Controls are one of the problems with this game. You can control the helicopter using the D or key pad and either way the responsiveness isn't great. There is so much enemy fire on the screen that you really need extreme close control and you just don't have this. The reaction time from input is a little slow and the copter itself moves slightly jerkily sometimes. Then there are the special keys which are 5 to fire your rockets and 0 for a smart bomb. All well and good if you have to do one after the other but moving through enemy fire and pressing 5 or zero is not an easy thing to do. I tried using the D pad and then the joystick and got frustrated on both. Eventually I got used to the level of force required on the stick to make the copter move when I wanted and managed to get some decent control but this took a while.

The game plays well and the levels are varied. As I mentioned the levels change from standard shoot em up fare on the copter levels to getting to the end of the soldier levels. In the soldier levels you usually have to kill all the blokes on the screen. What is particularly annoying about this game is that in addition to the difficultly level, when you get the power ups, if you take even one hit on your copter you will lose them. You have an energy bar so you are not dead, but while it's easy to progress in fits and starts, the best way of doing the level is not to get hit and retain your power ups. And this ain't easy let me tell you!!

Admittedly as the game wore on I got more used to the skill required to pass the levels (I moved on from being a padowan to being a full fledged master that would give Mills a run for his money ??????? if you don't know him, don't worry about it) and managed to make my way to the final level. This is ridiculously hard making the others pale in comparison. It starts off easy enough but then you have to contend with a rocket ship firing tons and tons of bullets at you while it moves around the screen itself.

There is a plot about intervening in a country that's being oppressed and the levels will give you an overall score and rank but it takes a while to get through them. Once you make it to a checkpoint, thankfully you will restart there with the weapons you had when you got there, but as I said, any hit and you lose your power ups. Sometimes they float around on the screen, but the best one, the autofire of missiles, is always gone for good once you get hit.

Overall a surprisingly hard Gameloft game that's not quite up to their usual standard.