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Genre: Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 09/5/07

4 Wheel Extreme 3D Review

Publisher: I-Play :: Developer: Xendex


Game Features


Plenty of courses and vehicles
Noticeable variation in traction


No online high scores
Quick Play is too quick

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson W810i

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 09/5/07

A quality off-road racing game.

I-Play have been dipping their toes in the 3D World of late, notably with Fishlabs. Their latest offering has been developed by their old friends Xendex and they have produced both 2D and 3D flavours of this off-road extreme racing title.

Even with all the 3D fanfare, the graphics are nothing more than ok. Yes they are 3D and the polygons look beautiful but there is always a sense that your mobile is stretching itself to draw the terrain as you hurtle round at high speed. This was reviewed on the W810 which is probably one of the more basic 3D handsets. Play the game on a more beefed up handset and I'm sure the experience will be a little better.

Even with a struggling handset, the gameplay is still really good and proves that there is hope for 3D gaming on the small screen. The game is split across 4 different terrains from the rocky mountains to the Alaskan ice fields. Each chapter is divided into 5 levels with a couple of bonus levels thrown in if you are good enough.

Off road racing games have come a long way over the years and 4 Wheel Extreme pushes the boundaries even further. For the standard races, there is a track but if you see a shortcut, feel free to go for a roam - there is no invisible wall preventing you from leaving the confines of the track. Taking inspiration from Grand Theft Auto, the levels are arranged around red illuminated checkpoints. It doesn't matter which route you take, just make sure you get to the checkpoints before everyone else and you should end up winning (although it is best to stay close to the track). There is no map but a 3D arrow at the top of the screen does show the direction of the next checkpoint.

The game also awards medals for the races and these are used to unlock new cars and courses. Try and get all silvers or more to unlock a couple of bonus levels. There are 8 cars/trucks each with their own driving stats and style with some more suited to the ice than the sand.

If you want even more variation in your games, you will be pleased to here that it doesn't revolve around straight racing. Following a similar vein to Project Gotham Racing, the races are more like trials where you will race against either the clock or your opponent. The bonus levels offer a very free driver experience where there is no track whatsoever with the capture-the-flag level being extremely enjoyable.

Controlling the vehicles can be very easy. You have the option for auto accelerate and traction control. With both of these settings activated, your only job is to steer as hard and as fast as you can. Turn off the traction control and you create a very different game where skidding is inevitable. It??????s a tough setting but helps string out the game for the real experts.

4 Wheel Extreme will not instantly grab you by the horns but you will find yourself drifting back just to get that gold medal.