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Genre: Football, Management :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/6/07

Championship Manager 2007 Review

Publisher: Eidos :: Developer: Dynamo Games


Game Features


All the teams from the Premier League and European players
Huge range of tactics and training available
Ridicously addictive


Graphics and sound could be improved

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Midway through season, plenty of cups and other things going on

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 10/6/07

Make sure that you have nothing else going on in your life before you start to play this game....

A while ago, we reviewed Championship Manager 2005 and I didn't see my friends or family for a month.

The game was simple, brilliant and ridiculously addictive. Mobile games have come a long way since then and CM2007 is no different. It's got a whole host of features on top of the previous version, but one thing is the same. It's still ridiculously addictive.

The graphics and sound haven't changed too much from the previous version, except for the fact that they look a lot slicker than before. Same bells and whistles during the game, but this game ain't about graphics, it's all about the gameplay.

There's no real help section, but most things should be self explanatory and you control the game using the stick / key pad and also the shoulder keys. If you get stuck, there are instructions at

The squads aren't exact but they are as up to date from about January this year (unfortunately Mascherano never made it into the Liverpool squad) so most of your favourites should be there. The positions and stats are all quite accurate and I think the players in the game are well represented. There are also a lot more attributes per player basically making the game huge! If you add the fact that there are European players in there as well that you can transfer in, you can see how much time and effort Eidos have made.

The transfer season at the start is great fun, if a little unrealistic. I satisfied every Liverpool fans dream and brought Samuel Eto'o into the squad straight away for not much more than the asking price. Still, if I can do it, here's hoping Rafa can do it. You can also do loads with each player, you can praise them if you want (although be careful early on as if you haven't seen them play enough, they will say that you are a bit silly to praise them), get a coach report and even put them on the transfer list.

Then there are the press conferences, which are improved from last time as you have a series of people from different media avenues. In fact all the decisions you make (including transfers) will affect your confidence levels from the board, the fans, the media and players. Often you'll find yourself having to deal with issues on and off the pitch (Peter Crouch turning up with a hangover for one) and your choices are quite varied. In these instances I have just thought to myself....what would Rafa do....and it's usually the right answer.

What's great is that in this version you have European and all Cup games to play so you really get to see what it's like to manage a team for maybe 60 games a season. I thought it was a simple task to play my best 11 and rotate the squad for a little bit. But then, with all the injuries and players moaning that they aren't being played, I actually began to feel for David O'Leary and his kin and begin to understand the pressures and tribulations they go through.

It's not all plain sailing on the matches either, the tactics have been heavily improved and you can actually decide on specific training sessions. These can be general, attacking, tactics etc, or you can even decide on individual training for groups of players, like having the midfielders work only on their passing or fitness etc. The options are endless as are the formations which have been improved since last time. There are a lot more formations to try now and some work better than others. My famous 3-2-2-3 formation from Pro Evo doesn't seem to work here and Eto'o and Kuyt seem to scuff their shots. Unlike other managers, if it ain't working, I'll change it and reverted to a standard 4-4-2 and also at times a 3-4-1-2 which seemed to work better. Just like the last version you have a formation which you can change as well as a playing style you adopt. The styles are from famous teams through history that have won things and there are quite a few to choose from. Then you can also set how aggressive you want your team to tackle and even how honest you want them to play!! They could be Arjen Robben type players who feign mortal injuries at the briefest of touches, or they could be Carragher types who will try and play on even when they have a broken leg.

It's this huge range of optionality that makes the game so playable. It can take a while to change your team on the squad screen (and you have to have 7 subs) but one brilliant thing is that if you have a lot of injuries your reserve team will make up your subs! And you can easily change players around on the pitch, move a cb to rb or even aml (attacking midfield left) if you want. All you have to do is set them up and then watch the match unfold.

This is as tense as the previous version and I was eagerly waiting with each shot on goal, and cursing as they sailed wide. I became ruthless in my management, dropping players who weren't performing and changing tactics when not working. This seemed to have the desired effect, but then I forgot that some players go on international duty and this game even compensates for that. And what's worse, they can come back injured!! Now I fully agree with what managers have been saying, clubs need compensation, especially if they come back and can't make a crucial FA cup game for me!!

A very interesting new feature is the updates section which apparently allows you to connect to the WAP site and download new leagues and other data. We didn't have a chance to test this out, but if it works, then the game will be reaching perfection.

Enough raving about the game, I guess you all get the picture. This is a footy sim that has it ALL and will make you have a sneaky play or a quick check on your player's health during board meetings, the cinema, the train and pretty much everywhere else!! At least it did for me anyway, and I'm still playing it even though I have a lot of games to review!

One game that all football fans MUST HAVE on their phones.

Note - graphics and sound have not been taken into account on the overall score as the game is far too good for us to do that to it.