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Genre: Block Match :: Players: 1 :: Released: 29/6/07

Flexis Extreme Review

Publisher: Telcogames :: Developer: Visual Media


Game Features


Better controls
More missions


Cant save during continuous play

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 29/6/07

The best just got better

When people first hear that I get paid to play and review mobile games the second thing they ask (after 'Mobile games, why?') is which is my favourite mobile game that I ever played. My answer for the last year or so has always been Flexis. It was a great concept and even though it was a bit rough around the edges the gameplay was excellent. The whole experience was by no means perfect and naturally we highlighted a few changes we would make but the potential for the game was huge. The guys at Visual Media have been tinkering with their sequel for a few months now and boy have they made more than few changes.

The concept from the original hasn't been played with too much but they have added heaps of features. Rather than the meagre 5 levels given to us in the original, Mission mode has given us 50. We've also been treated to two new modes; Classic and Marathon. There is also much more complexity to the game thanks to indestructible blocks that pop up now and again. Oh and did I mention the bombs and dynamite?

At its essence, Flexis Extreme is a block matching game. Align three blocks of the same colour, watch them disappear and collect some points. Standard games of this ilk require the blocks to be matched vertically and if you're lucky horizontally as well. Flexis Extreme takes the rule book and throws it out the window from the top floor of a very tall building.

We're not bound by the constraints of linearity. The descending blocks can be freely moved around the screen and you can levitate and rotate the blocks at will. As long as three like coloured blocks are touching each other, whether it's just the corners or a full on side by side, they will flash and eventually disappear. While they are flashing, try to manoeuvre more blocks into the melee. Rotating the blocks in the original required some skill in crashing the blocks at the correct angle to impart some spin. Now all you need to do is press 5 to rotate the blocks clockwise.

The gameplay has improved, the controls are improved and needless to say the graphics and sound have moved with the times and are pretty good. There are still a couple of niggles that prevent this from being the best game ever.

There are 50 missions to complete but they only get difficult from around level 35. The levels usually involve surviving for a set time or reaching a certain score or matching a set number of blocks. More often than not, you will have indestructible blocks to contend with. The concept of the indestructible block is great but they have inadvertently made their levels a little easy. Your blocks can be easily squashed by these indestructibles and for this you gain a point and it they all go towards your tally and help you finish the level rather than hinder your progress.

The two other modes; Classic and Marathon are endless levels where you compete for the highest score or longest time respectively. In our review version (which is probably not the final release), we could not find a way to save our progress midway through the level. Hopefully this is just an oversight that will be fixed before the final release. Other than that, Flexis Extreme is definitely the best block matching game ever.