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Genre: 3D, Action, Turn based strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 02/9/07

Blades & Magic Review

Developer: Fishlabs


Game Features


Great graphics
Very engaging game


Needed one more chapter

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 10 hours
Game Progress Completed - rating A

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 02/9/07

A superb swords and sorcery swashbuckling saga

Blades and Magic comes from the mighty 3D studio at Fishlabs and their Abyss Engine. This games engine has been used to great success in Galaxy on Fire and similar shoot 'em up DEEP. Blades and Magic may have the same tools in the trunk but this a totally different game and shows what can be achieved with mobile RPG games.

As you might expect, most RPG games of the 21st Century are going to borrow some plotlines from Lord Of The Rings. Here you play the role of Bryn, a brave young man from a small village. Travel the lands and learn new skills to defeat the evil power and his army of Orcs.

The game is predominantly 3D and all the fighting and cut scenes are shown in this form. The graphics are very good and the level of detail is fantastic. You can learn various sword or magic skills and these each have their own moves; defeating the enemy has its own victory kata and your character will change to show the new armour when equipped. It is all the little things that you gradually notice which helps to keep the game fresh.

Not that there is any problem in keeping your interest. The game is spread across 9 chapters and Fishlabs know just how to push the buttons for fans of the genre. The plot is engaging and has a whopping 10,000 words of dialogue. There are cut scenes to help the plot moving and there are plenty of side quests and challenges to discover and conquer. Being an RPG game, it is centred around Experience Points and trying to boost your character's levels and skills. There are a whole host of skills to learn and seeing the little greyed out symbols is all the encouragement you will need to continue and improve yourself.

The game is called Blades & Magic and as you may expect you can perform sword or magic attacks. You do need to make a decision fairly on if you wish to be a warrior or a sorcerer. The various weapon upgrades and skills are bias to one or the other and it is best to pick either the sword or the staff as your weapon of choice. Of course there is nothing stopping you from playing through again to see the other moves.

The difficulty level is all right and thanks to the save and autosave slots, you can keep returning until you defeat that pesky Orc. Battles are turn based and you can plan up to 5 moves in advance. Performing most moves requires endurance (for the blade) or mana (for the magic) and the bars are shown in corner next to your health bar. You also have the option of taking potions or casting scroll spells. The menu system is pretty straight forward although there is no undo option if you make a mistake and carry out the wrong move. The fights can be fairly tactical if you choose. Alternatively focus on a couple of skills and turn yourself into a badass - with limited moves.

Towards the end of the game your level will shoot up thanks to killing all the tough opponents. It's just a shame that as you gain some serious skills that the game seems to end a little quickly. Once good has conquered evil, the game ends but you are free to reload and roam around looking for fights. As with Final Fantasy, the map and travelling between locations plays a big part of the game. It is here that you will encounter the random and plot driven fights and this is how you will boost your skills. Blades & Magic is certainly one of the less restrictive games out there and it feels like there are more side quests than plot based quests.

The game claims to have between 6-10 hours of gameplay and that is probably about right. Do try and complete all the side quests and find all the unique items as you will be rewarded with a little cut scene at the closing credits when you complete the game.