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Genre: Casino, Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/9/07

Slingo Bingo Review

Developer: Iplay


Game Features


Great longevity
Easy to pick up and play


Can get a little dizzying
Graphics are a little plain

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played Hours, hours, hours
Game Progress 290 stars

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 19/9/07

Patches off, eyes down

Bingo was enjoying a bit of a renaissance over the last few years with the younger crowd (not so sure now that the smoking ban has come into effect). Its popularity has spread from the bingo halls to the PC which inevitably means a mobile game was never too far behind.

Slingo Bingo follows on from the PC version and gives you the chance to walk around with plenty of balls in your pocket. Slingo is a mix of bingo and slot machine based fun. You are given a bingo card for each level and you spin the slots to try and match the numbers and get a full house within 20 spins. That is the crux of the game.

It may sound simple but it is highly addictive. The key to its success is the high volume of things to unlock and achieve. Each level has 5 objectives including finishing the round within a time limit, getting a high score and completing a full house. Complete the objective and win a star. There are a whopping 60 levels (6 x 10 worlds) in the game which gives a total of 300 stars to win. On top of this, special achievements stamps can be won that also reward your continued play. We guessed in our preview that this was set to have great longevity; we didn't expect that we would still be hooked 6 weeks later! This review is based on the final version which in a moment of madness wiped all our existing stats - we were so close the 10,000th match!

Anyway, the levels are unlocked as you progress but that does not mean you need to win all the stars for a particular level to move on. Each level will have a set of darker tiles; fill this pattern and then the next level is available. Secret keys are also hiding on the board. You will need to find these if you want to fight the pirate boss for each of the 10 worlds. The beauty of Slingo Bingo is the freedom in which you can complete the levels. First, focus on unlocking the next level and then go back at your leisure and aim for the high score and the other stars. It's not just a case of matching numbers like for like. Wildcard jokers can be found and you can use a bit of tactics to try and maximise your scoring potential (more of this in our hints section).

The graphics of the game are fairly basic. The card and the numbers are clear and legible, which is great, but there isn't much room left for any fanciness. That is the only niggle with the game. Apart from that, it would have been without doubt a proud recipient of our Ice Cold Award.