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Genre: 3D, Extreme Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 16/9/07

FMX III 3D Review

Publisher: I-Play :: Developer: Xendex


Game Features


Hugely addictive gameplay

Courses and bikes to unlock
Beautiful 3D graphics


Controls take a little getting used to

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 6 hours
Game Progress Finished all Hardcore levels
Unlocked all bikes
Mainly Gold and Silver although 2 bronze :(

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 08/10/07

Can the FMX series get better? Well, unfortunately for me, it can.

Ok, I'm supposed to be on holiday. Relaxation, drinking, maybe more, but I also have to review some games (work never stops). I wasn't looking forward to reviewing this one, as generally the FMX series of games has me giving up all and sundry while I play it 24 hours a day trying to unlock everything and get gold on all the courses.

This one is absolutely no different. There are certainly a few tweaks to FMX II but there has also been some improvements that are huge. Firstly is the graphics, as FMX III 3D boasts, as the name suggests, 3D graphics. The polygons may look a little blocky at times, but there's no denying that the game looks really slick. There's a lot of details on the backgrounds and the colours are really vibrant. The 3D aspect means that close up shots will have you thinking that your character has 2 by 4's for arms, but that's my only gripe really. The animation is smooth and crisp and the sound isn't bad either.

Controls have pretty much stayed the same except for the fact that there are a few new moves. Pressing left and right still shifts your weight and the physics engine was perfect before so why spoil it now? One big new move is the ability to turn your bike 180 degrees while in the air which makes for some really interesting gameplay and some very funky looking stunts. Apart from this, leaning backwards will actually allow you to go backwards for a short period of time so get practising and you'll master the intricate movements after a while.

The gameplay has been revamped somewhat and the game now has much more of an extreme sports feel to it. The big difference for me is the ramps that you can 180 on. Just like bike events you can go up a half pipe and turn around to come back down and build up speed. This also ensures that levels are never boring as although they have a set space to them, there's often no "end" as such as the final halfpipe just means you turn and come back the other way to pick up and collect more stuff. And there's plenty of that to do as well. The levels start of simple and then get harder and harder. You have to achieve a certain amount of score / things to progress and unlock the next levels. As always, there are rankings of bronze, silver and gold, and getting all of a certain colour will unlock more secret levels and stuff. This is why I find the game so addictive as it doesn't take long to play a level and I find myself playing some over and over again to beat my score and get that elusive gold.

There are also plenty of items during the level to get, some will allow you more air time, some give you a speed boost and others allow you to turn. What's even better is that the levels are really varied on four stages and there are often secret tracks you can ride on which are located higher up from the bottom part of the level. Get the right height and you'll be riding these for more points / items, but if you fall off them, you start from the bottom again. And that's the beauty of the game, you don't finish just because you are wiped out. The levels vary in objective from doing tricks, finishing in a certain time, getting a specific score to also collected all the gold rings (a bit like sonic) so you are never bored. And finishing levels will also unlock events like the big kamikaze or a super jump as well as some extra special bikes to ride.

I didn't think the previous version could be so easily bettered, but this one has stunning graphics, a decent mix of levels, huge lastability and really really really addictive gameplay. It's a must have for everyone on their phone, and don't just see why I'm ranting on about it, play it for yourself and find out what all the fuss is about!!

Oh, and can someone take my phone away from me? I'm still on holiday and I was playing this game until 4.30am last night!!