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Genre: Mini Games, Sexy, Sim :: Players: 1 :: Released: 15/10/07

SimBabe 2 Review

Developer: Nostromo


Game Features


3 difficulty levels
Mini games


Quite repetitive
Average graphics

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Best Friend - 1768 XP

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 16/10/07

New York Nights with a Czech flavour.

SimBabe 1 was apparently a runaway hit in some of the Eastern European countries. Now, I'm not sure if you've heard of it over here, we got sent a review copy a long time ago. Unfortunately the game wasn't that great so one of our esteemed reviewers decided to give it a miss in favour of some other titles. However, we're never ones to shirk responsibility here at MGF so we decided to give the sequel a go.

It's not actually that bad a game, if a little crazy at times and also a little rude. The rudeness is controllable as apparently you can get some spicy and non spicy versions of the game. The basic premise is one that man has chased after since the dawn of time, woman. And it's not just companionship you are after, the game makes it clear in no uncertain terms that your goal is to be her lover.

Just like in the New York Nights series of games, you have a set number of days to get to this level which is determined by your experience points. Unfortunately for you you're at a regimented summer camp so you don't always have that much free time in the day. Breakfast, morning activity and even an evening roll call will take up plenty of hours. Sandwiched in between you can visit the different locations on the map.

These can provide mini games to increase your XP, or provide clues on how to progress in the game. It's no surprise that most of the info comes from the toilets and fairly soon you'll find yourself learning how to make money and find a suitable place for a date. This isn't always an easy task as you have to ensure you find the time to ask out the girl in question and then find the money to be able to afford the date. And you can only get money in a limited number of ways which include harassing some geeks in the camp and betting money on the mini games.

Which brings me nicely onto the mini games. There are 3 in the game and each one involves pressing either 4 or 6. Admittedly this makes them quite simple, but it also means that theres nothing new. You have an arm wrestling game, a dancing game (very strange music and steps) and a potato peeling game (which I found the hardest). In each one you can only play against players if you have a certain level of strength or dexterity so you have to increase these through spending time in the forest or the kitchen (say what?!?!). You can't play against players you have beaten so if you have spent your money you have to wait until you can play the next lot of players.

In between all this spending of time you have to remember your primary objective which is to get enough XP to enable you to have some fun. The regimen doesn't allow too much time for socialising but you will glean a number of facts about the "hottie" in question and you can recite these to her on your date to show how much you like her. If you're feeling really naughty you can try and get a good look in the girls showers and find out even more information. But there are certain things you can buy from the shops to try and help you even further with the lady and when you need it, you can even get different flavours of protection.

You better try and be quick about it as well, because this sequel boasts a "love rival" who will also try and progress in XP. You both have the same objective and you never see him, but just find out at the end of the day how many XP points you have gained compared to him. This added pressure makes you want to play the game a little bit more than usual.

The graphics are a strange kind of style, almost like some of the weirder cartoons you see on Cartoon Network (not that a 31 year old would ever watch such a channel) but they clearly have a manga influence to them. There are a lot of still pics so animation doesn't really come into it. Sound is pretty good though, and it's nice you get the option to turn if off so not to annoy everyone.

The game has a couple of difficulty options but even on the easy one it takes a fair while to complete. If you like these types of games or just have a quirky sense of humour, you may well find a fair amount of value in it, but for me it just got a bit too repetitive at times.