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Genre: Arcade, Casual, Retro :: Players: 3+ :: Released: 28/11/07

Bomberman - Classic and Supreme Review

Publisher: Living Mobile :: Developer: Hudson Soft


Game Features


Play against a friend via bluetooth
2 games - classic and supreme
50 levels and lots of special items to collect


Versus AI can be hard

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Level 25 on novice, level 15 on pro

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 30/11/07

All the Bomberman you could ever want.

It's been quite a while since our last Bomberman review, but if you want to refresh your memory, you can do so here. This is the latest offering from Hudson Soft and Living Mobile and quite frankly it's got just about everything and the kitchen sink thrown in there.

For a start, there are two games to play, Bomberman classic and Bomberman Supreme. Classic is the arcade version that we all came to know and love and which was so faithfully recreated on mobiles. See if you can have a little fun with the language option and if anyone knows the reason why it's like that let us know and you might even win a prize!

Supreme is well, just supreme. There's so much more on offer for this game now. There are two modes, novice mode and pro mode for those a little familiar with the franchise. In pro mode you can store a set number of power ups in your backpack and if you lose a life, these will still be available! It means that you have to actually think about what you will need for the level, and whether it's worth storing or not (because you can't store and use something at the same time). If you play novice mode, when you die you keep the power ups but the special items will be lost.

There are a number of special items as well, you can get mega bombs (they go through walls), remote controlled ones (activated with the left softkey), the ability to kick bombs or become invincible and finally the ability to walk through walls.

In addition to the number of extra items, there are lots of different modes, which is great value for money. In the Supreme game, you can play through the normal game, versus against the AI (3 AI players) and finally finally finally the developers have actually listened to me for once and put in a mutliplayer mode via bluetooth!! This is what we've all been waiting for and you can either host the game or connect to your friend's handset. You both have to have the game and can't stray too far from each other, but this is a whole new dimension to playing. It's a lot of fun as well and definitely gets pretty frantic!! Hopefully this is the start of a new trend in mobile gaming.

If you don't have any friends to play, don't worry because the game has 50 levels to get through which includes 5 bosses. There are a number of different enemies as well who certainly come after you more as the game progresses. At first I felt that the game was a bit slow, that's because I hadn't got the speed icons yet. Get them all and the game moves pretty fast.

The graphics have been improved as well as the animation. You still have 2D graphics, but there is shading, shadowing, nice movement for the enemies and a number of different backgrounds. The level layouts themselves are not very conducive to great intricacy in the graphics, but the developers have certainly packed a lot of colour and animation in there (juggling has been replaced with bomb keepy uppy). Sound is great with plenty of Bomberman-esque tunes as well as sound effects and vibration.

Another thing which makes this stand out, is not only can you play against your mates via Bluetooth, you can even post your scores to an online Wap area and community. Let the bragging rights begin!!

A top notch version of Bomberman which has just about everything you need, including a detailed history of the game!! Bluetooth mode elevates it to an ice cold award!! Highly recommended!