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Genre: Football, Management :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/1/08

Championship Manager 2008 Review

Publisher: Eidos :: Developer: Dynamo Games


Game Features


Players from all around the world
Scarily addictive
Menu shortcut key


Sound could be improved

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Top of the league and FA cup final

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 10/1/08

Still playing the game as I write this review.

Championship Manager games and me are a bad combination. You see, all other games seem to suffer when I play the latest instalment, and the 2008 version is no exception to the rule. The game is still scarily addictive and is now even better than ever.

Graphics have been tweaked a fair bit and while you're never going to get clean 3D graphics, the menu interfaces look a lot nicer and there's significantly more detail on the faces of the press. As you probably know by now, the game is menu based, but during the actual match, there is now a 2D graphical display of the action areas which is a nice touch. It allows you to see fairly quickly what's going on and you don't always have to read the commentary. You can play with or without sound, but quite frankly, the game doesn't need any sound at all.

Controls have remained relatively similar to how they were with one added exception. There's a shortcut button (#) which gives you a quick pop up menu that allows you to access all the key areas easily. This is a great feature and I found myself using it a lot more than the standard menus. The game is fairly easy to figure out and you use the pad / stick and shoulder buttons to make your selections. One thing to note is that many choices require selection through the shoulder buttons instead of the main button, which isn't always obvious.

Playability is what this game is all about and it has it in abundance. The game is relatively the same to previous versions with a few new additions, as let's face it, why change a winning formula. In addition to the team formation and strategy (which seems to have a few less style of gameplay choices than before), you can select the aggression of the team and also the gamesmanship which definitely makes a difference to the amount of goals scored, and cards and injuries received. The gameplay features all the standard aspects of management, building the team, dealing with the press and signing players. You can get fitness reports on players, scout across the globe for young talent and the training options are now much more detailed for the period between matches. This ensures that you are never bored and there is always something to do or some aspect to tweak. Now you can also request things from the board themselves like more money for players, more time to succeed or even a public show of support.

It's these little touches which make the game even more enjoyable than predecessors, and the lastability is even longer now. The game has stats on players from across the entire globe now and there are so many options, menus and graphs to peruse. The press conferences have a bearing on the game and now, so too does the finance element. You need to ensure that the books are balanced. Player morale is also just as important so you need to be careful when handling the players and praise them every once in a while. All the cups are playable so you will be competing on a number of fronts and it's only then do you realise what kind of squad you need. I'm actually beginning to sympathise with Rafa Benitez.

It doesn't stop there either, as not only are the player stats and squads pretty up to date (although not 100% as Steve McClaren is still the wally with the brolley) but you get a lot of movement with players and managers, so the game definitely generates the odd chuckle. At least it did for me when Jose Mourinho took over at Wigan!! There's an update option as well which allows you to connect to the web and download the latest updates and players which is brilliant.

Overall the only downside to the game I would mention is that it begins to take over your life, but the upside is that my Liverpool team are top of the league (after a transfer coup involving Diego Forlan) and in the final of the FA Cup!! Europe beckons!!