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Players: 1 :: Released: 26/2/08

Townsmen 5 Review

Publisher: Disney :: Developer: HandyGames


Game Features


14 levels
Highly addictive
Nice graphics and sound


Some levels are long!

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 15 hours
Game Progress Level 13

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 05/3/08

Cap'n, there be dragons here!!

The Townsmen series has a special place in the hearts of the crew here at MGFS. You see they've been around almost as long as we have (I think we pipped them to the post by a few months). We have always been huge fans as the series is so addictive and well presented.

T5 as I'm going to call it from now on, is a really great game. As with all the Townsmen games, you have a choice of missions or an open ended game. If you're unfamiliar with the series, the basic premise is to expand your town by building new structures and getting more Townies to follow your ways.

We're back to the proper townies with T5 so unlike T4, no more monks larking about and spiritual well being to look after. Also gone is the ability to mess around with the content of beer, it's now a flat combination. It seems that the producers at Handy Games have decided to revert to a more tried and trusted formula.

Not that it's all the same though. In fact, the T5 game has a semi kind of plot kicking along in the mission mode. Also, we are back to the less medieval times of soldiers and catapults instead of monks and libraries. The buildings are pretty much the same with a few new ones. Now you have to build an outpost to send out soldiers to increase your numbers. And you'll definitely need to do this as the amount of numbers you have is very important to keep the buildings running.

In addition to the outpost you can build a tax collector who will go out and collect tax!! Yes, it's a simple explanation, but they can be very important on some levels where you don't have access to certain resources. You guessed it, back in those days, tax wasn't all about the money, people pay in whatever they can, rocks, stones, pigs, even herbs. Apart from this you can also now build a castle, which again you'll have to do in order to protect yourself from the dragons.

What's that? Dragons you say? Well yes, it seems these mythical beasts are loose to plunder us for repressing the good townspeople of local settlements. The castle needs to be active to defend you which is very important if you are running out of resources. Finally you can even build a druid who seems to be very useful later on. I won't give the game away, but those old fogeys certainly know a thing or two about magic.

The game has all the same elements that made the previous versions great. You have an upkeep for each building and you can build farms, mines, smiths, and taverns. Each building can produce different types of resource depending on what you set it to, and each one will have different upkeep requirements. The merchant comes along every once in a while to enable you to sell your resources and make some money.

The great thing about these games is how addictive they are. T5 even contains a mini game when battling the dragons, although like the T4 mini game for battling, it's probably not worth you actually having a go. Fair play to the developers for sticking in something a little different (keypad based catapult firing game), but it's actually a bit too hard and when you get onto these later levels, you're seem to become all consumed with expanding your little town. Well, I do anyway.

Like the previous version, T5 allows you to fast forward the game until you get a new text box. The graphics seem to have been tweaked even more and you get a nice still pic and text explaining what you have to do. As always, you can save the game mid level which is a Godsend as some of the later levels take a long time to complete! Same easy control method and keys showing upkeep (0), current resources (*) and a quickjump to your storehouse (#).

T5 has all the class and panache of it's predecessors and even a plot to boot. Difficult missions (14 in all) and the open play mode combined with the new buildings and developments, make this another must have game for your mobile. We haven't played a bad game in the Townsmen series yet!! In fact this review is over a week late as I'm still trying to finish level 13!!

See the hints section for many of my top tips.