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Genre: Action, Cartoon, Platform :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/4/08

Phantom Duck Review

Developer: Living Mobile


Game Features


Large sprites
Good animation
Decent replay


Only one difficulty level

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia N81 8Gb
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Completed and unlocked bonus levels

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 10/4/08

The only time when Donald isn't wearing a nappy.

Disney are back with another outing from Mickey's entourage. Disney comics were never that big in the UK (I guess we were too busy reading Marvel and DC) but these comics, which were more like mini books, were huge in Europe. One of the stars was Phantom Duck - Disney's answer to Clark Kent/Superman. In an effort to appeal to a slightly older generation than previous Disney games, their latest offering is a platform based action game.

Donald aka Phantom Duck is hunting down The Beagle Boys across 4 chapters and 14 levels of platform jumping and baddie stomping action. While not trying to be overly kiddified, Phantom Duck has all the qualities of a decent action game minus a lethal weapon. That's not to say that this is a totally peace loving game, he does have a stun gun and a bubble blaster. The bubble blaster can be used to encapsulate the baddies in a bubble and float away to a better place. You can also turn the bubble on yourself (don't try this at home) with a doubletap. When inside the bubble you can move around the level and access hard to reach corners.

The first thing that will strike you are the graphics. Phantom Duck is quite a large sprite and has excellent animation during the jumping and climbing sequences. Disney haven't skimped on the baddies either; while their numbers are fairly limited, the detail and movement is great. Each chapter also has its own comic book intro to set the scene.

The duck superhero is easy to control but you must get into a Sonic mode and just go for a mad dash and let the fluidity of the game take over. PD can jump using the top keys; freely move in mid-air and even cling to the side of walls. No spider suckers for PD but he does own a set of plungers. 5 fires the weapon (always in a diagonally downward direction - safety first) and you jump on most of the enemies to stun them and ultimately dispose of them.

Each chapter ends with a boss battle. The difficulty throughout the game is a little on the easy side but this is aimed at the kiddies. You are given three lives at a time but it seems that it has infinite continues and plenty of checkpoints and the extra lives seem a little redundant for the most part. To increase the longevity, Disney have added awards for collecting coins, fast times, perfect rounds and dispatching all the enemies. Yeah, it's nothing new but in this case, if you unlock enough honours you unlock the bonus levels. That should be enough incentive to appeal to the most fickle of gamers. The bonus levels are a bit harder and you have to manoeuvre PD around some tricky levels while ensconced in his bubble.

This has all the assets of any more grown up title but without the tactical stealth that has come to overload the console inspired titles. Phantom Duck is great fun to play thanks to the smoothness of the gameplay and the quality in the graphics. A pleasant surprise that I actually like a game based around a nappy wearing duck superhero.