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Genre: Block Breaker :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/5/08

Block Breaker Deluxe (N-Gage) Review

Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Weeks, months to complete everything


Just the one game type

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia N81 8Gb
Time Played 7 hours
Game Progress $35 million

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 22/5/08

A few dollars more or a few quid less.

Block Breaker Deluxe was available on First Access at the beginning of the year and it was pretty much a direct port from the original java game. The graphics were crisper and you could play in both landscape or portrait. As impressed as we were, we thought we had wait for the final release and see what other goodies Gameloft were going to include.

To be honest there's not a whole lot more except for Bluetooth multiplayer air hockey style action. What do have is 60+ levels of block breaking action. This game type has been around for the last 30 odd years and even non-gamers will recognise what and how to play the game. Gameloft have kept true to their original game from a few years back and merely updated the graphics to 2008 standards. The graphics are much improved and the gameplay is smooth.

The game has a great dip-in and play feel. The autosaves and there are some pickup points that reward hours upon hours of gameplay. Possibly not a great feature if you are a points junkie but at least it's one game that you will always want to play.

As an N-Gage game, it's not bad and bodes well for future third party games on this platform. The range of pickup points is good and it has an extremely moreish attraction. $500 million is a long haul and is it really worth 20 hours of gaming for a few extra points? More could have been done to integrate into the N-Gage world. The online/community features have been kept to a minimum and it's a bit too early in the N-Gage's evolution for a Bluetooth feature.

What's more frustrating is the quality of Block Breaker Deluxe 2 which is out on the lower quality java. Granted, the graphics aren't as glossy and there is no online or Bluetooth features; but the levels are more varied, there are more game modes and it costs half the price (if you know where to shop).

It's a shame Gameloft couldn't have included some of these features and created an exclusive BBD 1.5 version with the extra game modes. That would have made the hours pass by.

In closing, BBDNG has enough to keep you interested and will certainly entice you back to earn a few more dollars but for a few quid less you could get create buzz of BBD2.