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Genre: Racing/Driving, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 04/10/04

Ducati Extreme Review


Game Features


Great in-depth gameplay
Good graphics/sound


Too difficult - even on Amateur

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Review Details
Handset Motorola V525

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 22/11/04

A very in-depth racing game with very good graphics and funky soundtrack. I did find this a very difficult game though. To be honest, I'm not much of a racing game fanatic and with Ducati my inexperience shined through. It is an excellent game in every respect - I just wish I could win a few races.

Ducati Extreme has everything you could want from a racing game. Good graphics, good sound, difficulty settings, plenty of tracks and upgrade options.

You must first choose your character when you first start the game. Each character has their own personality, although I don't think this affects their driving too much. The game revolves around the championship. Before you start the championship you are free to practice on any of the tracks. For each practice race, you can gamble some of your cash with one of your opponents. In my experience, whoever chooses to bet with you will usually finish in one of the top places - you have to race pretty seriously even in the practice.

After each race you can either upgrade various components, buy a new bike or repair existing parts before the next race. All the upgrades are quite pricey so you must win quite a few championship races or do a fair bit of gambling (and win) in practice mode.

On to the races themselves; there's 10 races/tracks in total. Some are 3 lap races and some are only 1 lap and there are also various weather conditions. Basically lots of variety between the tracks.

The graphics are good and there is a funky midi file looping in the background. There is no accelerator/brake instead your speed is controlled by your gear selection. The controls are easy and power drifting round corners is not too much of a problem. However, if you collide with another bike while turning, you will straighten up and be off the track before you know it.

Even on Amateur you can only afford 1 or 2 falls if you want any chance to win. I would advise playing this game loads at first. Get to know the tracks and when you are happy, reset the game (under options) and get a few quick wins under your belt. It wont be long before you are upgrading and able to keep pace with the others.

The game is massive and if you want to buy the top bike you will have to play this game for weeks or in my case months before you can raise enough money.

I would recommend Ducati Extreme for the more experienced drivers out there or for anyone who has a lot of patience and doesn't mind investing a lot of time to hone their skills